Does Valve’s new Steam Deck have a touchscreen?

Valve's hybrid console releases this December.

Image via Valve

Earlier today, Valve announced a new console, the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck can be utilized in either handheld or docked mode and allows gamers to play their entire Steam library on the go.

The handheld version of the console does include a seven-inch touchscreen. The traditional Steam UI users have grown accustomed to will be included with the Steam Deck, and players will be able to navigate the UI by way of the Deck’s touchscreen. 

Image via Valve

Not all games played on the Steam Deck will be able to make the most of the touchscreen feature. But players can expect the touchscreen to play an integral role in the system’s home interface. Plus, navigating and searching for specific games or settings will be made much easier by the addition of the Steam Deck’s on-screen keyboard. 

The Steam Deck additionally includes two trackpads, as well as gyro controls for certain games and experiences. Two thumbsticks and a D-pad are also included on the handheld console.

The Steam Deck will launch in December 2021, but prospective customers can reserve a copy for themselves tomorrow, July 16, at 12pm CT. The Steam Deck will retail for a base price of $399.