Does the Nintendo Switch OLED come with a charger?

Gotta have that power.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED is on the scene with a brand new screen for all your handheld needs.

While it doesn’t change much of the tried-and-true Switch formula or provide the 4K boost many fans were hoping for, it is still a solid system that is an appealing upgrade to the original model for those that don’t already own a Switch themselves.

Still, the question has to be asked. Despite all its quality of life upgrades, does everything from the original Switch model, such as the HDMI lead and charger, come with the OLED system?

Nintendo has a track record of selling its consoles without a charger or source of power. This trend is seen with many iterations of the Nintendo 3DS. Given the pattern of excluding chargers and power sources, it’s easy to see why some fans might be worried that the OLED version will follow the trend of cutting much-needed features.

Thankfully, there is no need to worry this time around. The Switch OLED system comes with a charger in the box, so you can go about picking up an OLED model without needing to worry about getting a separate power supply to make it work.