Does Elden Ring Have Ultrawide Monitor Support?

No—but there's a workaround.

Image via FromSoftware

You might be disappointed to hear that Elden Ring doesn’t support ultrawide monitors—surprising, considering it’s a new MMORPG that places you in an immersive world; something that an ultrawide monitor would capture so nicely. Luckily, there’s a simple workaround to this constraint.

An ultrawide monitor is considered a display ratio of 21:9 or greater. If you’re playing on a native resolution of 21:9—like 3440×1440 resolution—the game will display in a 16:9 ratio with black bars on both sides of the screen.

Elden Ring Black Bars
Image via Reddit

Thankfully, the PC gaming community have figured out a way to enable ultra-wide support in the new fantasy action RPG. The workaround is called Flawless Ultrawide.

Flawless Widescreen is a modification that aims to allow games to function in ultrawide, surround, or AMD’s Eyefinity gaming resolutions when they otherwise cannot display as desired.

Once downloaded, you’re required to enable the ‘Eldenring’ plugin. Then, you need to create a file named ‘steam_appid.txt’ in the Elden Ring folder. That’s it. Once you launch the executable Elden Ring file, the game should run in ultra-wide mode.

Note: Flawless Ultrawide is considered a modification, and isn’t recommended for online play. So, it’s best to use it for offline only. Any modification may be deemed as an unfair advantage, so use at your own risk.