Do old Joy-Cons Work with the new Nintendo Switch OLED?

All the colours.

Image via Nintendo

The OLED Nintendo Switch might seem like a shining new system— but looks can be deceiving.

While the OLED does come with a lot of improvements over the original and Lite models of the Switch such as a slightly improved display and many fan-requested features, it will work the same as every system before it, with the same resolution and 1080p HD docked output.

So if you plan to upgrade to the OLED and are worried that your collection of colorful Joy-Cons might no longer work with the system, you have nothing to fear.

Every Joy-Con that has even been released over the past 4 years of the Switch’s history will work with the OLED system. This includes the new white Joy-Cons that come with the base OLED unit, and any of the other Joy-Cons that came separately or with the original Switch model.

So feel free to go out there and buy as many types of Joy-Con you want. You will have no issues using them with the OLED console— so long as drift issues don’t appear in the future.