Deleted announcement from UK game store suggests PS5 news could drop tomorrow

A U.K. game store asked "awaiting" customers to "standby for updates."

Image via Sony

The Guildford branch of U.K.-based video game retailer GAME might have inadvertently let slip the news of a potential PS5 announcement tomorrow.

The screengrab, first taken by TheSixthAxis, of the now-deleted tweet from U.K.-based video game retailer GAME said that Sony scheduled an announcement for tomorrow and that “things are about to kick off this week.”

Screengrab via TheSixthAxis

PlayStation users have reported that emails opening registration for invite-only pre-orders have been sent by Sony. Only one console per PSN ID can be purchased and there’s no guarantee that a consumer will land the device since there’s a possibility of a sold-out message.

The PS1 was first released in North America on Sept. 9, 1995, making tomorrow the 25th anniversary of the console. It’s possible that this momentous occasion coupled with Microsoft’s recent announcements for its next-generation consoles could mark the reveal of the PS5—and not a life-sized cake replica.