‘Degraded’ PlayStation forces evacuation of Boston’s Logan International Airport

The scare comes just days before PAX East begins.

Image via Sony

Terminal A of Boston’s Logan International Airport was evacuated on Sunday after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mistook a PlayStation for an explosive device.

As reported by The Hill, a passenger traveling through the airport had their bags x-rayed by the TSA, who then seized the bag for containing a “suspicious item”. After calling in the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad, authorities discovered that the suspicious item was actually just a PlayStation console in “a degraded condition”. While it’s not clear which PlayStation model was in the passenger’s baggage, the console was reportedly old and damaged.

In a statement to The Hill, MSP spokesperson Dave Procopio explained that the console’s poor condition was what raised TSA alarms. “The condition of the console caused abnormalities n the image produced when it was x-rayed, prompting the screeners’ concern,” he said. Everyone in the airport’s Terminal A was evacuated for as the bomb squad investigated the bag and the adjoining area. Some passengers waiting on airplanes were also reportedly evacuated. It wasn’t until just after 5 PM that travelers could get back into the terminal.

In just a few days, Logan International Airport will see an influx of travelers heading to PAX East, the east coast edition of the gaming-focused convention and trade show. The show is returning to in-person proceedings this year after being moved online last year due to COVID-19 concerns.