Confirmed and rumored hardware specs for PS5

New specs and a lot of speculation are here for the PS5.

A lot of new information has been revealed about Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5, but one of the most important tidbits included in the newest drop was confirmation of some hardware that will be used inside of the machine. 

Some of this we already knew from earlier information given about the next generation of consoles, but further details have been revealed along with other big news. This is important because it gives a deeper look into just how powerful the PS5 could be.

Here are the biggest confirmed components with a little bit of reported information.

CPU8-core AMD chipset based on Ryzen infrastructure
GPUCustom AMD Radeon Navi GPU made specifically for the console
AudioAn unspecified 3D Audio system that will bring a “gold standard” to PS5 games
StorageSSD (solid state drive) that will greatly improve game performance in areas like load times
Game MediumsDisks will still be used in a similar fashion to PS4, but the disk drive will also be usable for 4k Blu-ray disks
ResolutionSupport for up to 8k screens, with full 4k support
ControllerA completely reworked controller with adaptive triggers and improved haptic feedback
User InterfaceA new, dynamic UI with more options to make the experience customized for each user
PSVR SupportPSVR will be supported by PS5

Small bits of both the CPU and GPU were talked about earlier this year, including the ray tracing technology that will give developers a chance to make their games more immersive.

Details on the audio side are a bit scarce, but that doesn’t really matter since what Microsoft did with the Dolby Atmos integration for Xbox One and Windows is what the new “gold standard” is likely referring to. Sony is probably working on its own equivalent to put directly into the hardware. 

The SSD storage is probably the news we already knew the most about, including just how massive of an impact it will make in how games play. In fact, Spider-Man is shown to have drastically reduced load times, down to 0.8 second compared from 8 seconds on a PS4 Pro.

There will also be an improved UI that will be more dynamic in nature. This could mean things will just be quicker and easier to navigate, or more customization options that let players make it feel more like their Windows desktop are being added. 

Additionally, the two main features mentioned for what we presume is the Dualshock 5 were the new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. 

Haptic feedback is something that Nintendo implemented into the Switch’s Joy-Cons as HD Rumble, which is one way to make the player feel more through the controller. It will also allow developers to enhance a game’s immersion by utilizing real-world elements that their audience can actually experience in their hands. 

Likewise, adaptive triggers will change the resistance on the back triggers on the controller, making it easier or harder to press them down based on various elements in a game. This will be huge for shooters, which will now let the trigger closer emulate a gun’s actual mechanism. 

USB-C will be incorporated into the new controller for the first time, which will greatly increase how quickly it can charge, and likely spells good news for a longer battery life, which is something the DualShock 4 desperately needed. 

Outside of what we know for certain, there are a few popular theories circulating around the newest console, including a rumored design and further specs that are currently unconfirmed. 

PS5 Console DesignThe unconfirmed build shown by LetsGoDigital is apparently close to dev kits, but nothing has been shown about the actual PS5 design yet
3D GamingThere have been rumors about Sony implementing a 3D gaming screen with no need for the typical glasses
Voice ControlSome comments about increased support for UI might point to a voice control feature
PS5 ProThere could be a more expensive version of the PS5 that will be more powerful than the base model

Speculation will run wild until Sony officially reveals the full list of specs and shows the console’s design off at some point next year. The PS5 will hit store shelves during 2020 holiday season, which likely means a November release is imminent.