Canadian retailer leaks price of over $4000 for 3090 Ti

A leak suggests that the RTX 3090 TI will cost more than most PCs.

A leak from a Canadian retailer lists the upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti for over $4000 in local currency. The retailer where the product appears isn’t known, but Twitter user momomo_us got a screenshot of two versions of the GPU on its site.

The first product, listed as an ASUS GF TUF STRIX RTX 3090 Ti 023GB GM, sells at $4,649.19 CAD or about $3690 USD. A second model, listed as an ASUS ROG STRIX LC RTX 4090 Ti 024GB GM, will go for $5,239.93 CAD or $4159 USD. Rumors about the pricing suggested a hefty price tag would be what buyers see at launch.

“LC” in the second product listing may mean “liquid-cooled,” according to PCGamesN. A liquid-cooled GPU typically costs more than a traditionally air-cooled graphics card, explaining the substantial price increase.

Nvidia has yet to reveal a release date for the new GPU, forgoing the information promised by the end of January. With March more than halfway gone, it remains to be seen when a release date and official price will be made available. The company is also gearing up to sell its 40-series of RTX GPUs in the coming months, which has rumors swirling too.