Can you play Yu-Gi-Oh!: Master Duel on the Steam Deck?

The TCG has been popular on Steam, but can it run on Steam Deck?

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Masters on Steam Deck
Image by Konami

The release of Steam Deck has many wondering how many of the thousands of games on Steam can play on the handheld PC. Among those is the immensely popular TCG Yu-Gi-Oh!: Master Duel from Konami.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Master Duel is one of the most popular games on the Steam platform. It has a concurrent player count of more than 50,000 players daily, according to SteamCharts. Over 10 million players have registered with the game since its release at the start of the year. 

Currently, Master Duel is Playable on the Steam Deck. Though the game can run on the system, it’s not optimized. Despite this, it appears there is little that changes when using the portable PC. 

It’s likely the game works well since it doesn’t have an anti-cheat system in place. Third-party anti-cheat software has caused several issues for various games, and some developers outright prevent them from working on Steam Deck.

Playing Master Duel on Steam Deck requires entering some text manually through the on-screen keyboard. Everything else in the game should run as it does on PC.

Valve organizes its compatible game catalog for Steam Deck by Verified, Playable, Unplayable, and Unknown. Users can check the status of which games are playable by using the CheckMyDeck tool with a 64-bit Steam ID or cross-referencing it with Valve’s verified list. Steam Deck users can look at this guide to check if their Steam library will work on the system.