Can you play No Man’s Sky on Steam Deck?

The whole universe in your hands.

Image via Hello Games

The Steam Deck is Valve’s freshmen attempt at becoming a bona fide handheld gaming company, but not every game in your Steam library will be compatible out of the gate.

Valve breaks down game compatibility for the Steam Deck into four categories. Games marked as Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown. Given the vastness of the Steam catalog, it’s likely that many games in your library may be designated as Unknown. Luckily, for No Man’s Sky fans, Hello Games has ensured the title will work with Steam Deck on day one.

Thanks to the SENTINEL update on Feb. 16, No Man’s Sky received full Steam Deck support, meaning you can play it on the Steam Deck at launch. Alongside much-needed changes to combat and weaponry, No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray shared a video announcing the update would enable Steam Deck support. The update is also packed with touch controls, highlighted in Murray’s tweet.

With more games directly supporting the Steam Deck, launch day becomes more exciting. If you’ve got a lot of questions regarding the compatibility of your Steam library, the easiest way to check which games are compatible is by cross-referencing your entire library all at once. Follow this guide to learn how to check if your Steam library works with the Steam Deck.