Can you play Nightmare Reaper on Steam Deck?

Fans of the Retro FPS rejoice.

Image via Blazing Bit Games

For those picking up a Steam Deck, game compatibility is a top concern. While the Steam Deck is home to well over 600 verified games, many others have yet to get the Valve green checkmark of verification. This means that picking up games can sometimes be a gamble.

Luckily, in the case of Nightmare Reaper, the game is playable on Steam Deck. Released in March 2022, Nightmare Reaper’s frenetic gameplay is a perfect fit for the Steam Deck. Valve has officially verified the game as playable on Steam Deckvia its store page. The Steam Deck Verified games list also provides some examples of the game’s compatibility with the Steam Deck, noting that even the game’s default graphics configuration plays well with Valve’s handheld.

With one down and many more to go, it’s worth checking your Steam library’s playability against the Steam Deck. There are a couple of different ways to check your games’ compatibility, each with different pros and cons. To go the official route, check out Valve’s Great on Deck page. If you’re looking for a bit more information on playable and unsupported titles with compatibility notes attached, the Steam Deck Verified games list is the way to go. For an all-in-one-go experience, consider using the CheckMyDeck tool alongside this guide. It’s a pretty straightforward process that won’t take much time at all.