Can you install Discord on PS5?

Right now, the service isn't available.

Image via Discord

Sony has put a lot of focus on community integration with its new PS5 console. With its built-in streaming and gameplay recording capabilities, this generation of console is meant to share with the masses.

One of the most integral features of sharing a gaming experience with other players is the use of a chat service. The PlayStation has its own party chat service where players can communicate through voice or text. But right now, Discord is by far the most popular voice chat client.

Discord is a group chatting app that allows users to build a community, inviting as many people as they like to contribute to the discussion in both voice and text. Available as both an application and in-browser, Discord has quickly become the go-to service for gamers to communicate with.

Can you get Discord on PS5?

Unfortunately, Discord isn’t supported on the PS5 at this time.

During the PS4’s run, users were able to use the application’s text chatting features through the console’s web browser. But the PS5 boasts no such browser and, in turn, it’s not capable of running the application. While the PS5’s direct competitor, the Xbox Series X, does support Discord, this is only to use the text services. The voice chat feature won’t work on the console. 

With the increasing popularity of the app, it’s possible that PlayStation may add support for Discord at some stage. If that happens, we’ll update this article with details on how to access the app.