Best X Rocker gaming chairs

Get a gaming chair with great sound quality.

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X Rocker is mainly known for its gaming chairs. The company was founded in 2005 and has grown exponentially over the years. After starting off making floor rockers, X Rocker expanded into pedestal chairs. It now has an extensive range of gaming products, including desks, controllers, headsets, and charging docks.

Built-in sound is one of the trademarks of X Rocker gaming chairs. Many X Rocker gaming chairs feature built-in speakers with subwoofers and Bluetooth connectivity. The sound creates better gaming immersion, and the volume controls are usually intuitively-placed on the side of the chair. 

There are a variety of gaming chairs in the X Rocker range to suit different requirements. The gaming chair line includes everything from pedestals and floor rockers to office chairs and racing chairs. Some models also have a vibration feature.

These are the best gaming chairs in the X Rocker range.

X Rocker Pro Series+

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The X Rocker Pro Series+ is X Rocker’s flagship gaming chair. It uses the company’s signature pedestal shape with comfortable foam padding on the seat, backrest, and armrests. The padding is covered in polyurethane (PU) leather, and the backrest has a ridged design. This chair can swivel 360 degrees and folds up for easy storage. There’s also an adjustable vibration function that can turn up or down depending on your preference.

One of the best features of the Pro Series+ is the built-in speakers. The 2.1 speaker set features a speaker on each side of the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest. The controls, including the volume, bass, and vibration, sit on the chair’s right side together with the RCA ports and 3.5-millimeter jack. If you don’t want to use cables, it’s possible to plug in the supplied Bluetooth transmitter to your TV and enjoy the sound wirelessly. 

The X Rocker Pro Series+ is a great option for console gamers, but the design isn’t the best for PC gaming. It’s still comfortable for hours of play and doesn’t cost a fortune.

X Rocker Pro Series H4

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No X Rocker list is complete without a floor rocker chair. The iconic floor rocker was the first chair made by the company and became a popular choice due to its comfort and practicality. 

The Pro Series H4 is the most expensive floor rocker in the X Rocker lineup and shares many features with the Pro Series+. It has the same 2.1 sound system with speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest. The Pro Series H4 also shares a similar shape with PU leather upholstery over soft padding. Other shared features are the foldable design and vibration feature.

Having no pedestal changes the seating position. The main difference between the Pro Series H4 and the Pro Series+ is the Pro Series H4 has no pedestal. The lack of a pedestal creates a much lower seating position and is more conducive to rocking back and forth. Another difference is that the Pro Series H4 has stylish red accents to make it stand out.

The mobility of the Pro Series H4 is excellent. It’s easy to move around the house, and it easily folds to take to a friend’s house. Unfortunately, the low seating position isn’t comfortable for everyone, and it’s not practical for playing at a desk.

X Rocker PCXR3

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The PCXR3 is a better option for PC gaming. It’s shaped like a conventional office chair but has some standout features. The massive backrest accommodates taller gamers and has three gaps for better airflow. The seat also has a split design that allows each leg to rest in a natural position.

Many features on the PCXR3 are similar to standard office chairs. It’s covered in PU leather and has a five-leg pedestal base on wheels. The armrests are four-way adjustable and have a concave shape to rest your arms comfortably. 

While the PCXR3 looks different from the other chairs mentioned so far, it still retains some signature X Rocker features. It has two built-in speakers in the headrest and connects to your TV or console using a 3.5-millimeter cable or Bluetooth. The sound is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of around four hours. 

The PCXR3 is more affordable than the Pro Series H4 and X Rocker Pro Series+ and is a bit more practical. It’s equally useful for console and PC gaming and has a more conventional shape that many users prefer. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t the best because it only has two speakers and lacks a subwoofer.

X Rocker Agility JR Esports X

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The Agility JR Esports X is targeted at younger gamers. It uses the popular racing seat design with a large ventilated backrest and adjustable lumbar and neck support pillows. Like the PCXR3, the Agility JR Esports X has a five-leg pedestal base, but instead of 4D armrests, it only has 3D armrests.

Additional adjustability options make the Agility JR Esports X more comfortable. It’s possible to adjust the height using the gas lift, and the backrest can recline up to 120 degrees. The reclining angle isn’t bad, but it pales compared to chairs from rivals like Respawn, which recline between 130 and 155 degrees.

Younger gamers will prefer the Agility JR Esports X because of its size. The compact size makes it ideal for younger gamers who can’t fit comfortably in a full-size chair. The racing seat design is also popular because of the useful adjustment features. Since the Agility JR Esports X is a junior chair, it comes at far less than the previously mentioned chairs. The only disadvantage is that there are no built-in speakers.

X Rocker Typhoon

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The Typhoon shares many design elements with the Pro Series+, but it takes the sound quality to another level. Instead of a 2.1 speaker system, it has a 4.1 speaker system with two additional speakers. The extra speakers are placed on either side of the seat and complement the ones on the headrest.

Many of the other features are similar to the Pro Series+. It has the same general appearance with rounded edges, PU leather upholstery, and a circular base. On further inspection, the Typhoon’s headrest has a more curved shape, and the armrests have dual supports instead of single support. The gold trim on the Typhoon also makes it stand out compared to the all-black Pro Series+.

The excellent value is one of the reasons to get the Typhoon. It’s cheaper than the Pro Series+, but it has more speakers. While some users may like the gold trim, others will find it a bit too intense.

X-Rocker Drift 2.1

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The X Rocker Drift 2.1 is designed for racing game enthusiasts. It’s made to fit into a racing simulator cockpit and works with the racing wheel and other equipment for an immersive driving experience. The X Rocker Drift 2.1 fits most gaming rigs, and it slides forward and backward and reclines like an actual car seat.

The racing chair design of the X Rocker Drift 2.1 makes it feel like it belongs in a sports car. X Rocker’s design emulates a real racing seat with bolstering on the backrest and seat. Even the recliner lever is placed where it’s usually found on a car. There’s also PU leather upholstery with orange accents that add to the sporty look. 

Another standout feature is the vibration function. The X Rocker Drift 2.1 further enhances the driving experience by vibrating while you race. Just like the Pro Series+ and Pro Series H4, there’s a 2.1 speaker set, but unfortunately, there’s no Bluetooth connectivity.

The X Rocker Drift 2.1 doesn’t come cheap and needs a cockpit to work. It’s an excellent choice for racing sim fans, but other users will be better off with another chair in the range.

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