Best white gaming mice of 2020

There's plenty of options to choose from.

Image via Corsair

Finding the right gaming mouse from all the available options can be a little difficult especially when you have a white setup.

There are many factors that need to be considered, such as the mouse’s color, how it feels in the hand, the selection and arrangement of the buttons, the quality of the sensor, and whether you want a wireless or wired mouse. These details, as minor as they may seem, can have a huge impact on your experience with the mouse you choose to buy. On the other hand, mice sometimes have exaggerated functions that don’t work as well as advertised.

Whatever your taste is, you definitely want the best gaming mouse your budget can afford. These tips will make this decision easy for you. 

Cooler Master MM711

Image via Cooler Master

The MM711 is a high-quality mid-level gaming mouse with a beautiful honeycomb design that offers a very comfortable grip with the palm and claw. The performance of the MM711 is extremely good since it comes with a professional-grade Pixart PMW3389 sensor that offers the best smooth gaming experience.

The Omron Switch is another reason to consider this mouse and the customizable RGB lighting coupled with the ergonomic design offers longer and fatigue-free gaming sessions.

This is the lightest option available on the list, weighing less than 60 grams. The mouse coating makes the mouse grip more comfortable and efficient. It comes with customizable DPI settings ranging from 400 to 16,000 DPI, which allow you to select any DPI profile that suits your gaming experience.

It comes with a scroll wheel, left and right mouse buttons, a dedicated button to customize the DPI settings, and two additional programmable buttons on the left side to give you the best gaming experience.

Glorious Model O

Image via Glorious PC Gaming Race

This is the ultralight gaming mouse on the list. Although it is a wired mouse, it only weighs 67 grams without the cable, but the cable doesn’t give much white effect when used.

The RGB light on each side which will make this mouse fit in your setup. It comes with a Pixart PMW-3360 sensor and Omron mechanical switches, which offer pretty impressive performance.

It comes with a 12,000 DPI and six programmable buttons including a scroll wheel, a small DPI toggle button, left and right-click buttons, and two additional buttons on the left side.

It’s an ambidextrous mouse that gives you a decent gripping experience, but if you’re the one with a small hand, it might not be a comfortable enough option for you. The O Minus model would be there as the perfect option specially designed for people with small hands.

Corsair M55 RGB PRO

Image via Corsair

Equipped with Omron switches, the Corsair M55 is a wired gaming mouse that anyone can use and enjoy. It has a 12,400 DPI sensor, two buttons on either side, and a dedicated sniper button. 

The construction of this mouse will give you extreme comfort during long gaming sessions. It’s compatible with Corsair iCUE software to match any setup theme.

Razer DeathAdder Essential

Image via Razer

The Razer DeathAdder Essential features an elegant, ergonomic design and a distinctive body that offers you greater comfort and maintains high performance during long gaming sessions.

It comes with a 6,400 DPI optical sensor and a dedicated DPI button that offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment during gaming sessions. Razer DeathAdder Essential’s mechanical switches make it more durable with support for 10 million clicks.

It comes with five programmable buttons that can be reassigned to your desired settings, which is sure to give you a big advantage while gaming.

With over 10 million units sold by Amazon, there’s no way you can go wrong with the Razer DeathAdder Essential gaming mouse.

Razer Basilisk

Image via Razer

The Razer Basilisk is an FPS gaming mouse equipped with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, chroma RGB lighting, eight programmable buttons, and an ergonomic shape that weighs just under 110 grams. It has a similar weight like other Razer mice but not close to the Glorious Model O.

Like most Razer mice, there are two DPI buttons just below the scroll wheel for switching DPI on the fly. Overall, the Basilisk is a full-featured FPS mouse with a superior sensor, RGB lighting, rubberized side grips, and has various colors to choose from.

Logitech G703 LightSpeed Wireless

Image via Logitech

The Logitech G703 comes with the PixARt PMW3366, which is a 12,000 DPI sensor that allows you to achieve precise clicks, ​​and a mechanical switch. It comes with an ergonomic design that brings more comfort to your hand while playing with a beautiful black and white combination design and a backlit activated Logitech logo on the top, which makes it quite impressive.

The G703 is equipped with six buttons, including two left and right-click buttons, a dedicated DPI adjustment button, a scroll wheel, a middle mouse button, and two additional buttons on the left to achieve the desired movements during the game.

All six buttons are programmable, so if you are an advanced user, you will definitely prefer a custom setting that you can achieve through the software.

The weight of the mouse is 107 grams and the size of the mouse is quite average, which is more suitable for people with medium to large hands. It comes with 16.8 million RGB lighting colors and a choice of brightness levels to get whatever color suits your system.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite

Image via Corsair

The premium build of the Corsair M65 features an anodized aluminum frame which makes it more durable and allows it to withstand games for a lifetime. Including a high-precision sensor that goes up to 18,000 DPI, it also comes with Omron mechanical switches compatible with over 50 million clicks.

It comes with eight fully programmable buttons that allow you to reassign settings as needed for the game. The buttons consist of two left and right-click buttons, scroll wheel, middle mouse button, dedicated DPI adjustment button to adjust the DPI settings during the game, and three additional buttons that you can use to gain an edge in the game.

It’s difficult to hold the sensitivity of the aim when you are in sniper mode, but this is solved with the help of a dedicated sniper button which will allow you to reduce the sensitivity while standing still by simply pressing a button.

It weighs around 97 grams, so it’s neither too light nor too heavy. It is also compatible with Corsair iCue software, which will help you perform macro programming and adjust the mouse backlight to your setup color theme.

Roccat Kain 202 White Gaming Mouse

Image via Roccat

At 100 grams, the Roccat Kain 202 is a 16,000 DPI wireless mouse with an ergonomic shape, and every part of it has been well-crafted with care and precision, from the sides to the buttons and scroll wheel. The Roccat Kain 202 is also popular among streamers and once used by Dr DisRespect.

The knobs are hinged and feature a low tolerance spring that dampens each click. This gives exceptional precision to each press and the mouse wheel click is as solid as a normal Titan 2.0 wheel click.

Due to its improved switching mechanics and intelligent firmware algorithm, a click records up to eight milliseconds faster. It’s a high-performance gaming mouse and is adherent, durable and dirt-resistant thanks to a wear-resistant hybrid coating. The high-performance finish helps you maintain a firm grip on the Kain even during the most hectic gaming sessions.

White gaming setups have a unique look and of course, gamers with a white setup would like every accessory to fit into that unique space. The selection of mice listed above fits perfectly into white gaming setups and helps gamers with a white setup find it easier to choose the preferred mice for their setup. Not only would these options complement their setup, they also perform exceptionally. 

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