Best waterproof keyboard

No more worrying about spills or water damage.

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People who spend hours on their PC tend to eat and drink while they work or play, and there’s nothing worse than watching your drink spill onto your keyboard. The keys might get sticky and can stop working altogether.

There’s no need to stress if you have a waterproof keyboard. They are resistant to spills, so you can wipe them down and carry on. Some keyboards have a higher resistance rating than others. These ratings indicate the extent of a keyboard’s resistance to water, dust, and other foreign objects.

Here are some of the best waterproof and spill-resistant keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex 3

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The Steelseries Apex 3 offers impressive value but still has great performance and durability. This full-size gaming keyboard uses durable membrane switches with an expected life expectancy of around 20 million presses. You don’t get the click of mechanical keys, but they’re silent and contribute to the waterproofing. You also get a massive removable wrist rest to keep you comfortable for long gaming sessions.

One of the best features of this keyboard is the IP32 waterproof rating. A rating of IP32 means it won’t be affected by vertically dripping water, even if it’s tilted 15 degrees. The rating also means that the Steelseries Apex 3 is protected against dirt and dust getting inside. As a bonus, the Apex 3 also features 10-zone RGB lighting.

Logitech G213

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The Logitech G213 is an affordable keyboard with many good features. It uses membrane keys that do a good job of replicating the feel of a fully mechanical switch. There are also media keys, a Game Mode switch, and a dedicated button to toggle the RGB lighting. There are five programmable RGB lighting zones, but the colors are subdued compared to many rivals. 

This keyboard also has some handy features like a huge wrist rest and a long, braided cable. According to Logitech, the G213 has spill resistance of 60 milliliters, so you won’t have to worry about dropping your drink on it. This keyboard is perfect if you want a gaming keyboard that doubles as an office keyboard.

Perixx PERIBOARD-517

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The Periboard-517 looks like a regular office keyboard, but it takes waterproofing to another level. It’s IP65 certified, meaning it is protected from water and dust. You can even wash this keyboard, and it has holes at the bottom to drain the excess water. The only caveat is that users cannot get the USB port wet.

Apart from the IP65 certification, the Periboard-517 is a regular office keyboard available in black or full white. It’s tough and affordable, but more suited to a business setting. The membrane keys have an average response, and there isn’t any backlighting, programmable keys, or other features preferred by hardcore gamers.

Corsair K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The Corsair K68 is better for gaming, but costs double the price of the Periboard-517. It has Cherry MX Red switches with excellent feedback that is favored by top gamers. This keyboard is highly customizable when paired with the ICUE app. There’s per-key RGB lighting, and you can sync it with your mouse, monitor, and other devices. You can also set up macros for certain games to quickly access inventory items or initiate certain commands.

The K68 looks like a regular keyboard but comes with a wrist rest, media keys, and adjustable lighting. The IP32 rating makes it resistant to spills, and there’s silicone protecting the internals and drainage holes at the bottom. . The Corsair K68 is durable and has outstanding gaming performance.

Adesso Easy touch AKB-630Ub

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The Adesso Easy Touch is another affordable keyboard with excellent waterproofing. It has an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand being submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. It’s also made from materials that are resistant to bacteria and germs, making it perfect for environments like schools, hospitals, and labs.

This keyboard looks like a generic US-layout office keyboard with membrane switches. There are also five internet hotkeys and seven media keys. The Adesso Easy Touch has some of the best waterproofing of any keyboard but is more at home in work environments than gaming arenas.

KG61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The KG61 is a 60-percent keyboard that eliminates the number pad to give you more space on your desk. This board is one of the best options if you want to customize your keyboard to your own taste. It comes in a range of colors including black, red, white, and lavender. The GK61 uses Gateron hot-swappable optical switches. Buyers can choose between most of the switches in the Gateron lineup including the Yellow, Blue, Red, Brown, and Black options.

The KG61 uses doubleshot keycaps, which are made by joining two separate layers. This process increases the lifespan of the keys and ensures the legends never fade. It also has a tough aluminum frame and a removable USB-C cable. There’s also RGB lighting with 21 brightness levels and multiple presets. There’s no need to worry about liquid damage because it’s IP64 certified. IP64 certification means it can handle water spray from any direction.

DIERYA DK61E 60 percent

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The Dierya DK61E is one of the best options if you want a compact waterproof keyboard. This keyboard uses Bluetooth 5.1 or a USB-C cable to connect to your PC. Buyers also get to choose between Gateron Blue, Brown, Yellow, Red, or Silver. It uses hot-swappable sockets, so you can replace them without desoldering. There’s also eye-catching RGB lighting that can be configured with the manufacturer’s app.

The DK61E is resistant to moisture and comes with an IPX4 rating. This rating ensures that the keyboard can withstand water splashes from any direction. If you want a compact, 66-button keyboard packed with features like wireless capability, waterproofing, hot-swappable switches, and RGB lighting, the Dierya DK61E is the best option.

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