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Versadesk standing desk
Image: VersaDesk

Sitting at a desk for many hours a day can be bad for your health and posture. If you stay in the same position without stretching or taking a break, your metabolism slows down because of the lack of movement, and it can cause neck or back pain.

While adjustable standing desks allow users to sit or stand while they work, they can be expensive and might not be the best solution for users who already have a desk and don’t want to buy another one.

Standing desk converters are a practical solution because they offer similar functionality to standing desks for a lower cost. They allow users to stand or sit while they work to promote better posture and reduce the chances of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). Another advantage of standing desk converters is that they’re easy to move between different desks depending on your home or office arrangement.

Best overall standing desk converter

VersaDesk Power Pro 40-inch

Image: Versadesk

The VersaDesk Power Pro 40-inch is one of the best standing desk converters available today. The desk has ample space for most users, and its electric height adjustment mechanism makes raising and lowering it a breeze.

This standing desk converter comes in a range of sizes to match available space. Buyers can choose between 36, 40, and 48 inches, although the 36-inch version is the pick of the bunch for a user with a single monitor. There are also seven colors to choose from, such as Gloss White, Matrix Black, Maple Wood Grain, and Natural Bamboo to match individual tastes.

With an X-frame design electronically adjustable up to 20-inches (50-centimeters), the Power Pro is ideal for seated or standing use. Its high capacity of up to 80 pounds (36 kg) should be enough for most monitors, mice, and keyboards. Unlike most standing desk converters, the Power Pro also includes a USB port to charge smartphones and other devices.

The main drawbacks of the Pro Power are that its motor is slow and a bit noisy when moving up or down. Otherwise, it justifies its $429.99 price tag with its easy adjustability and high weight capacity.

Best size standing desk converter

Rocelco DADR 46-inch

Users with multi-display setups will be better off with the Rocelco DADR 46-inch. It’s spacious enough for most users and comes with a separate DM3 mount to add up to three monitors. The mount fits into the converter’s grommet hold and can accomodate monitors between 13 and 27-inches.

Unlike the Power Pro, the DADR 46-inch only comes in black and has one standard size. However, the most significant difference between them is that the DADR isn’t electric-powered and uses a manual lever to raise and lower the stand.

Despite its manual system, the X-frame design is stable and easy to adjust. It matches the 20-inch (50-centimeter) height adjustment of the Power Pro, but its 39-pound (17.6 kg) weight limit is far lower and might not be ideal for heavier equipment.

While the DADR 46-inch lacks an electric adjustment system, it somewhat makes up for it with an included monitor stand and robust design. Its $302.23 price tag isn’t bad considering its size and makes it worthwhile for users who need more space.

Best practicality standing desk converter

Victor DC450

Some people have limited space and need a standing desk converter to work on smaller desks. Victor’s DC450 is a different take on a standing desk converter and has a vertical design with room for two monitors and a keyboard and mouse.

This standing desk converter has a black base supporting a vertical aluminum tower with a shelf for the mouse and keyboard around halfway up and a dual-monitor stand on the top. Like the other standing desk converters mentioned so far, the DC450 offers up to 20-inches (50-centimeters) of height adjustment, and the independently-controlled monitor stand has another 12.5 inches (31 centimeters) of range.

With an overall size of 28 by 23-inches, the DC450 can work on even the smallest desks. Its stand can also hold up to two 27-inch monitors, so the compact size doesn’t hurt productivity. One of its best features is the electric adjustment mechanism that works at the touch of a button and includes a built-in safety mechanism, so it doesn’t descend if there are objects in the way.

There’s no doubt that the DC450 isn’t cheap at $487.71, and the design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It still packs a lot into a compact package with room for two monitors and an electric system on a converter that fits any desk.

Best value standing desk converter


Buyers looking to stretch their cash and get a large standing converter for a reasonable price might consider the Flexispot M7L-42-inch. This standing desk converter is available in sizes ranging between 28, 30, 32, 35, and 42-inches, with the largest one offering the best practicality and value. Buyers can also make their setup stand out with four colors to choose from, including Black, Rustic, Mahogony, and Bamboo.

At 42 inches wide, the M7L has enough space for one massive 42-inch monitor or two smaller 27-inch options. The U-shaped keyboard tray also has generous room and comfortably fits a full-size keyboard or a 17-inch laptop.

Like the alternatives on this list, the M7L allows up to 20-inches (50-centimeters) of height adjustment, which should be enough for most users. Its 44 pounds (20 kg) weight limit can’t match the Power Pro, but it’s more than the DADR offers. While the manual height adjustment system may be disappointing to some users, it helps to keep the price down and is acceptable considering the price point.

At around $219.99, the M7L is reasonably priced and has enough space for multiple monitors and a laptop. Its lack of an electric adjustment system is a minor drawback considering its functionality and solid build quality.

Best budget standing desk converter

VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter

Vivo’s 32-inch Desk Converter costs around half the price of the M7L and is ideal for buyers looking for a standing desk converter on a tight budget. It also has a similar X-frame design, although it’s much smaller at 32-inches.

There are four color options in the Vivo range, and buyers can choose between Black, Brown, Light Wood, and White. Designwise, the Vivo has a spacious tray for the mouse and keyboard, but its top-shelf has limited space and can only fit a single monitor.

Considering its low price tag, it’s no surprise that the Vivo has a manual height adjustment system. It also has a limited range of just 15.5 inches (40 centimeters), and its weight capacity is also lower than the competition, at only 37 pounds (16.7 kg).

While the Vivo 32-inch standing desk converter is smaller and has a lower weight capacity than the other standing desk converters on this list, it’s also far more affordable, and it’s still a viable option at just $114.99.

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