Best small gaming desks

These desks will help you get the most out of a tight living space.

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Having a desk that meets your needs plays a large role in maximizing your comfort. Some people have limited room for their gaming setup and need a gaming desk that doesn’t take up too much space.

Before choosing a gaming desk, you have to ensure it has enough space for your PC, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Your desk should also be able to handle a reasonable amount of weight.

We’ve made a list of some of the best small gaming desks that can fit almost anywhere. 


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The Eureka Ergonomics Z1 doesn’t take up much space, and it’s packed with features. This gaming desk only measures 44.5 inches across, so it should fit in tight spaces. It’s very stylish and has a modern look with Z-shaped legs, carbon-fiber patterned desktop, and LED lighting. The LEDs run down both sides of the desk, and you can choose between six different colors or have a multi-color theme. 

Added features like a cupholder, headphone holder, and free mousepad make this smaller desk standout. One of the best things about the Eureka Ergonomics gaming desk is that there are many customization options, so you can tailor the desk to suit your needs. Some of the optional extras include a monitor stand, PC stand, and a rack bundle. The Z1 isn’t cheap, but it has an outstanding list of features.

EWIN Gaming Desk

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The Ewin Gaming Desk is another desk with brilliant features. It measures 47.2 inches by 26,8 inches, so it’s large enough to fit your gear comfortably while being small enough to fit in most spaces. This gaming desk uses R-shaped, high-strength aluminum legs in an R-frame shape. The Ewin Gaming Desk can support up to 500 pounds. There’s RGB lighting running down the legs and on the sides of the desk. Like the Z1, you can either let the lights cycle through six colors or choose the one you like. 

One of the standout features of this gaming desk is the sloping desktop. It has a 5-degree slope to alleviate arm and wrist pain during marathon sessions. Other terrific features include built-in cable management grommets and an adjustable cupholder. The Ewin gaming desk is a solid choice, but the instruction manual could use a refresher.

GTRacing Gaming Desk 

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GTRacing is known for its gaming chairs, but they also make this compact gaming desk. This desk measures 47 inches across, but it also has a monitor stand to maximize your space. Having your monitor at eye-level makes the action more visible and can help to prevent neck pain. The desktop has a similar carbon fiber pattern to the other desks we’ve mentioned. The desk is scratch-resistant and doesn’t take much effort to clean.

This option lacks RGB lighting, but it has other useful features like a headset hook, controller hook, and cupholder. It also comes with a powerstrip holder to efficiently run your cabling. GTRacing’s gaming desk offers impressive value and is worth a look if you want an included monitor stand.

Atlantic Gaming Original

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The Atlantic Gaming Original is an excellent choice if you have limited space. Atlantic’s gaming desk only measures 32 inches across, but it manages to include more features than many of its peers. Like the GTRacing desk, it has an elevated monitor stand to increase its usable area. The desktop features the ubiquitous carbon fiber pattern, and the metal legs do a decent job of keeping the desk stable.

Atlantic’s gaming desk stands out from the crowd by offering a few extra features on top of the ones already mentioned in this list. The desk includes a stand to hold your games and controllers, a cupholder, and speaker stands. You also get a charging stand, a headset stand, and built-in cable management with a power strip holder. The Atlantic gaming desk allows you to make the most out of a small area and is easily one of the best options on this list. 

Mojo Gamer Pro

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The Mojo Gamer Pro is worth a look if you want a standing gaming desk that takes up minimal space. It has a surface area of 48 inches by 30 inches that should be enough for all your equipment. The legs on the desk use a T-shaped design with a grey finish, while the proprietary Matte Lux desktop doubles as a mousepad. The main reason to get this desk is its electronically adjustable height, which adjusts anywhere between 24 and 50.25-inches.

Standing and gaming can help improve your posture and alleviate back and neck pain. The Mojo Gamer Pro comes with additional accessories like a monitor arm, CPU hanger, and a cable tray to maximize space. This gaming desk is at the high end of the price range but has top-notch quality. 


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The Eureka Ergonomic Captain X Series 31-inch is a small gaming desk with impressive quality and an incredible price. At 31.5 inches by 23.63 inches, it can fit nearly anywhere, but you’ll have to make sure there’s enough room for your monitor. The Captain X uses sturdy X-shaped legs that can be adjusted to change the desk’s height. The top has a carbon fiber look, but you’ll probably cover most of the surface with a massive mousepad. 

Like most Eureka products, it comes with many handy features like built-in cable management grommets, a cupholder, and a headset hook. There’s also a rack to store both your games and controllers. You can also get other nifty accessories like a monitor stand or PC stand.


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The Mr Ironstone 31.5-inch gaming desk measures in at just 31.5 inches by 23.6 inches. It has Z-Shaped legs with adjustable feet and can support up to 110 pounds. Just like most of the other desks on this list, it has a carbon fiber finish, but there’s an additional cutout in the front of the desktop. The cutout allows you to sit closer to the monitor, and it’s angled so that you won’t hurt your arms when you lean on it.

Compared to the other gaming desks we’ve mentioned, the Mr Ironstone 31.5-inch desk has massive grommet holes on both sides that can fit multiple cables. There’s also a headphone hook and a cupholder for added convenience. It’s not the flashiest option, but its price makes up for the missing features and niche design choices.

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