Best RGB gaming chairs in 2020

Find the best gaming chairs with RGB lighting in 2020.

These are some of the best gaming chairs with RGB technology.

RGB lighting is a must-have when it comes to gaming setups. The lighting sets the mood and turns your setup into a piece of art. Many keyboards, mice, mousepads, and screens already use RGB lighting to distinguish themselves—and the trend has continued to gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs are a crucial part of any gamer’s setup. They must be comfortable and supportive enough for those marathon sessions while still looking great.

Here are some of the best gaming chairs that feature RGB lighting.

Aerocool P7-GC1 Air RGB

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The Aerocool P7-GC1 Air RGB is designed to look great and keep you cool. The futuristic design has a chiseled design to it and the woven diamond pattern adds a touch of class. Comfort is important and the Aerocool chair features a 180° recliner and six-way adjustable hand rests. The trademark feature of the Aerosol chairs is the AIR Technology that enhances airflow to keep you comfortable and cool. 

The P7 uses a fiber optic strip running down the sides of the chair for RGB lighting. It has 16 preset color options when working in solid-color lighting mode and three colors in flashing light mode. There’s also a white breathing light and an RGB loop function. This gaming chair is perfect if you want comfort and discrete lighting without spending a fortune.

Imperatorworks IW-R1 Zero Gravity

If you want something unique and money’s no object, then the Imperatorworks IW-R1 Zero Gravity is the way to go. Its futuristic design sets it apart from other gaming chairs and it comes with tons of extra features, like a storage bin, cup holder, and reading lights. The chair can also tilt to various angles and has a massage and Somatosensory resonance function. Adjustments are fully motorized and it has mounting options for up to three screens.

The RGB lighting on IW-R1 is awesome. There are many LEDs running along the top of the chair, the seat’s rear, and on the base in a pattern. The lighting’s stellar design makes the chair look like it belongs in a sci-fi movie and it also has multiple modes like smooth, fade, and strobe. Imperatorworks IW-R1 Zero Gravity is a gamer’s dream but comes at an astronomical price.

Gamdias Achilles P1

The Gamdias Achilles P1 may not look special, but it has many bells and whistles and boasts fantastic build quality. The strong aluminum base can support over 300 lbs and it has a Class 4 Gas lift. There’s head and lumbar support cushions in addition to 4D adjustable armrests and a footrest when it comes to comfort.

The RGB lighting on the P1 is minimal and only outlines the rear vents. The backlights come in 10 different colors that can be customized using the Hera app. The Gamdias Achilles P1 is for someone who values comfort and wants minimal lighting when they play.

Vertagear PL4500

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The Vertagear PL4500 is versatile and allows you to add or remove the RGB lighting whenever you feel like it. The chair itself features a material called Coffee Fiber that’s supposed to be quick-drying and resistant to odors. The other features, like adjustable height, backrest, and armrest, are similar to most gaming chairs and add a level of customization. One of the few drawbacks of this gaming chair is the 140° recliner, which might not be enough for some gamers.

The RGB LED Top Kit and Bottom Kit are available separately and fit onto the vents around the headrest and under the base. Both sets have customization options like audio sync and gaming mode and are controlled wirelessly. You also have the option of using the provided magnetic charger or batteries to power the chair. The LED kits can be pricey, and if you don’t need removable lighting, it may be worth getting a dedicated RGB gaming chair.

Uomax Gaming Chair

The Uomax Gaming Chair is an affordable option with excellent RGB lighting. It has a slim and lightweight design with stunning angular shapes on the backrest. Despite the slim design, the Uomax still offers adequate padding and support. Where it falls short is the 250-pound weight capacity and 135° reclining feature.

The attractive RGB lighting on the Uomax follows the angled contours and makes it look like it belongs on a command deck. There’s a full spectrum of colors available and they’re controlled through a USB connection. The Uomax is ideal for players wanting an affordable gaming chair that’s gorgeous to look at.

Asus ROG Chariot Gaming Chair

Asus wants to dominate the gaming world with its ROG line of products that’s now expanded into gaming chairs. The Chariot has a distinctive racing style complete with a bucket seat, fabric straps, and the ROG logo featured prominently throughout. The racing theme continues with perforated leatherette upholstery, carbon fiber-look seatback, and red stitching.

The Aura RGB lighting illuminates the logo on the backrest and an infinity mirror on the headrest. It has eight different colors with modes like breathing, static, and rainbow controlled by a splash-proof controller. This gaming chair is perfect if you already use Asus products and want to continue the theme.

Homall RGB Gaming Chair

The Homall RGB Gaming Chair is for gamers wanting to stand out with as much lighting as possible. The chair itself is also colorful with different shades of trim accompanying the black PU leather seat. It comes with adjustable height and a 180° recline function, as well as a tilt-lock mechanism. There’s also a memory foam seat cushion, as well as a headrest and lumbar support cushions for added comfort.

The RGB lighting is vivid and runs down the side of the chair. There are seven colors available with different modes like static, breathing, and rolling. The lighting is also adjustable for speed and brightness and has a handy remote control. The Homall RGB Gaming Chair has lots of flair, but some prospective buyers may find it to be too much.