Best RGB gaming chairs | Best gaming chairs with LEDs

Light it up.

Photo via Vertagear

RGB lighting is common on most gaming gear, including gaming chairs. But, the lighting doesn’t typically have any function apart from aesthetics. Still, there are times when RGB lighting is functional. Certain games sync with RGB lighting to display in-game information. This feature allows users to tell if their health is low or if they’ve run out of ammo by the lighting color. 

When looking for a gaming chair with RGB lighting, users should consider important factors like comfort, durability, and adjustability. The best gaming chairs have extra support for the neck and back, which is especially useful for long gaming sessions. 

These are the best RGB gaming chairs.

Best overall gaming chair

Asus ROG Chariot 

Image via Asus

The Asus ROG Chariot follows the familiar racing chair template used by many manufacturers but adds unique twists. While the basic shape remains the same, Asus takes the attention to detail to another level by adding features like RGB lighting and looped straps to hold gaming equipment.

This gaming chair has two eight-color RGB lighting zones on the front and back of the headrest. The front zone replaces the vents from a regular gaming chair with a mirror surrounded by a silver frame. When the mirror lights up, it creates an infinity effect. There’s also a second lighting zone behind the backrest in the form of a ROG logo. Users can customize the eight colors or select one of the seven presets using the supplied remote.

Apart from the lighting, the ROG Chariot stands out in other areas. The red stitching along the edges of the chair compliments the red logos on the headrest and backrest. Another great touch is the carbon fiber finish on the chair’s back, which contributes to its racing vibe. A feature not found on many rivals is the red straps on the backrest. They provide a convenient place for users to hang their gear and have a 4.5-pound weight limit.

Everything from the build quality to the upholstery is top-notch on the ROG Chariot. Its appearance gives it a more business-like look than many rivals, and the RGB is integrated tastefully.

Best console gaming chair

X Rocker Torque 2.1

Image via X Rocker

Rocker-style gaming chairs are ideal for console players who sit further away from the screen and don’t need a desk. X Rocker’s Torque 2.1 continues the company’s tradition of making comfortable gaming rockers with additional features like RGB lighting and built-in sound.

Compared to the other gaming chairs listed so far, the Torque 2.1 has subtle RGB lighting. It only has two lighting strips running along the edge of the headrest, but there are 30 different settings to make it pop. 

One of the trademark features of X Rocker chairs is built-in speakers. On the Torque 2.1, there’s a subwoofer built into the backrest and two speakers in the headrest. There’s also a vibration function linked to the audio, and it syncs with explosions and other in-game events. 

Users can adjust the bass and volume with the controls on the chair’s left side, and it also has ports for the cables. 

The Torque 2.1 gives users the option to connect the speakers to the console with a cable or Bluetooth. If users want to take advantage of Bluetooth, they can connect the provided digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to the console, and it will transmit to the chair. 

X Rocker’s Torque 2.1 gives users a combination of lights and sounds to enhance their gaming experience. It’s also comfortable and can be folded up for easy storage when it’s not in use. Although this chair isn’t the best for PC gaming, it’s a worthwhile option for console gamers, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Best PC gaming chair

Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus

Image via Riotoro

PC gamers looking for a gaming chair with built-in sound might consider the Riotoro Spitfire X1S Plus. Like the Torque 2.1, it has integrated speakers on the headrest and Bluetooth capability so users can hear the sounds from their games. There’s no subwoofer, so it’s doubtful the sound quality matches a quality headset or speaker system. 

Riotoro’s Spitfire X1S Plus has the most prominent RGB lighting of any chair on this list. The lighting strips run along the edges of the seat and backrest. Chairs like the ROG Chariot and PL4500 have lighting placed behind the user, and they can’t see it when they play. On the Spitfire X1S Plus, players can see the lighting on the seat and the sides of the backrest when they sit in the chair.

Many features on the Spitfire X1S Plus mimic conventional racing seats. It has PU leather upholstery with removable neck and lumbar support pillows. The chair also reclines up to 170 degrees and has four-way adjustable armrests.

Despite its vivid lighting and built-in speakers, the Spitfire X1S Plus is more affordably priced than any of its rivals on this list. One of its drawbacks is that there’s no power supply unit included, so users have to buy their own.

Best customizable gaming chair

Vertagear PL4500 with 

Image via Vertagear

Vertagear’s PL4500 offers a range of customization options, and users can decide whether they want the RGB lighting kit or not. Buyers choose castors ranging between 55 and 65 millimeters, and they can also choose standard or four-way adjustable armrests. The PL4500 comes in many colors, including blue, green, white, and red.

Compared to the other gaming chairs on this list, the PL4500 is the only one available with removable lighting kits. One of the available options is the Top Upgrade Kit, which fits into the vents on the chair’s backrest. When installed, the upgrade kit covers the vents and displays the Vertagear logo on the clear glass window. The kit also has C-shaped LED strips running along the vent’s edges. This kit has wireless capability, and users can sync the lighting with in-game events or system information. 

There’s also a Bottom Lighting Kit available. The Bottom Kit has lighting strips that fit onto the chair’s legs and a projector that fits into the center of the base. When the kit is activated, the strips create an ambient lighting effect, and the projector shines a Vertagear logo onto the floor. 

Apart from the lighting options, the PL4500 has other unique characteristics. One of its innovative features is the use of a material Vertagear calls HygennX for the upholstery. This material is made from used coffee grounds and is supposedly very durable and resistant to bacteria and odors.

There aren’t many gaming chairs that match the RGB lighting offered by the Vertagear PL4500. The catch is that the lighting kits are optional and very pricey. Some users might also find the kits complicated to install.

Best high-end gaming chair

Imperitorworks IWR1

Image via Imperitorworks

Some gaming chairs go all out to add as many features as possible. A prime example is the mammoth Imperatorworks IWR1, which integrates multiple monitors and includes built-in cup holders and USB ports. 

Before buying the IWR1 chair, users should ensure they have enough space for its massive size. It’s 85 inches high from the base to the top when in an open position, and it’s 71 inches wide. This gaming chair is also heavy at 400 pounds. While the IWR1 is excessively large, it eliminates the need for a desk because the monitor and keyboard tray are integrated into the chair.

There’s no doubt that the IWR1 stands out from other gaming chairs because of its unusual design. Unlike other gaming chairs, it comes with a large frame that arches over the user’s head and supports up to three monitors side by side. The chair is upholstered with genuine leather instead of the more common polyurethane (PU) alternative. Imperitorworks’ IWR1 can slide back and forth and can recline up to 128 degrees.

The IWR1 doesn’t need an upgrade kit like the PL4500 and has integrated RGB lighting. The lighting strips form patterns on the backrest, sides, and top of the frame. Additional RGB lighting strips are found on the logo and near the chair’s base. To activate the lighting, users press two buttons on the chairs’ frame, and they can select the various colors or presets with the supplied remote control. 

Imperitorworks put a lot of work into the IWR1 to make it an outstanding gaming chair. There aren’t many rivals to match its features, and there are few to match its high price either. The IWR1 might appeal to buyers with lots of space and money to burn, but most people would probably use the money for a high-end gaming rig instead.