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Respawn is a relatively young company, but it’s already built a reputation for comfortable products at reasonable prices. The company was founded in 2017 and is part of the HNI corporation that owns several furniture brands, including OFM and Maxon.  

Respawn’s gaming chairs are designed for comfort during marathon gaming sessions. Most respawn gaming chairs have a reclining function and are height-adjustable. Many also feature lumbar and neck pillows for added cushioning and support. The company uses materials like synthetic leather and mesh to cover its chairs. Synthetic leather is durable and easy to clean, while the mesh is soft and allows air to circulate freely for cooling purposes.

One of the main reasons to get a Respawn gaming chair is the price. The company’s chairs are competitively priced compared to many rivals, and they still come with a limited lifetime warranty.

These are the best Respawn gaming chairs currently available.


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The 205 is one of the most recognizable chairs in the Respawn line. It looks similar to countless gaming chairs on the market with its racing seat design and brightly-colored upholstery. Despite its similar seat style, the backrest on the 205 differs from most gaming chairs by having a massive mesh panel. The mesh is sturdy enough to be supportive, and it allows air to flow freely to keep you cool. 

Some of the other parts have a traditional synthetic leather construction. The synthetic leather covers the seat and is used to frame the mesh on the backrest. It also covers the adjustable lumbar and neck support pillows.

The adjustability features on the 205 aren’t the best, but they are acceptable considering the low price. The height and armrests can be adjusted, and there’s a reclining function. Unfortunately, the armrests can only be adjusted up and down, and the recliner is limited to 130 degrees. Many of the best gaming chairs recline up to 166 degrees, which may be more comfortable for some users.

RESPAWN Specter 

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The Specter is an excellent choice if you need a more discreet chair for office use. It has a more subtle look than the 205, but it’s still handsome and comes in either black or grey. The adjustable headrest is the only part covered in synthetic leather, while the rest of the chair uses mesh.

Compared to the 205, it has far more adjustability features. The seat depth is adjustable and can slide back and forth. The armrests are 3D adjustable, meaning they can move up and down, backward and forward, and pivot left and right. Even the headrest is adjustable and can move up and down. The backrest’s curved shape offers additional lumbar support, but it may be too big for some people.

The Specter is a subtle alternative to traditional gaming chairs and has enough adjustment features to accommodate a wide range of people. It offers a decent value compared to many other gaming chairs.


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Respawn’s 900 is a more relaxed take on a gaming chair. The 900 is more at home in the living room and is perfect for console gamers. This chair looks like a sofa with plush padding all-around. It is available in black, red, blue, or white. One of the features shared with the 205 is the soft neck pillow.

The 900 doesn’t have castors to move around, but it has a few features that make up for its lack of mobility. It can recline up to 135 degrees, and it has an independent footrest that folds up. A couple of handy features include a cupholder on the left armrest and a removable storage pouch. 

As with any other chair, Respawn’s 900 has a couple of drawbacks. Since there are no castors, it can be challenging to move around. The synthetic leather can also feel hot after long gaming sessions. Despite its flaws, the 900 is still a well-featured gaming chair that invites you to relax.


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The Respawn 110  is a great alternative if you want a footrest on a more conventional gaming chair. Some of the more traditional features on the Respawn 110 include the synthetic leather upholstery and massive backrest. The main difference is the nifty footrest that allows you to put your feet up and relax. It sits under the chair and is easy to open. All you have to do is slide the bars out and flip the footrest into position.

The 110 has a much larger reclining angle than the 205’s maximum reclining angle of 135 degrees. This chair’s backrest reclines to 155 degrees. The deeper reclining angle pairs well with the footrest to make the chair more comfortable than a standard gaming chair. Unfortunately, the arms are connected to the backrest and seat, causing the arms to move backward when the chair reclines. The lack of adjustable arms may bother some users who want a higher level of adjustability.

Some of the features on the 110 are similar to the 205. Both chairs have a massive headrest, adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, and a racing seat design.

Not only is the 110 very comfortable, but it’s also affordable. It offers a reclining function and footrest at a far lower price than the 900. 


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Respawn’s 400 chair is the company’s big and tall option. It’s a heavy-duty chair with a larger weight capacity and larger dimensions than the other chairs on this list. The seat measures 24.25 inches by 22.75 inches compared to the 20.5-by-20.5-inch seat on the 205. Even the backrest is broader and more accommodating. The 400 also has a much larger weight capacity of 400 pounds compared to the 255 pounds capacity of the 205.

Apart from the size difference, many features are the 400 and 205 are the same. The 400 has a racing seat design with additional neck and lumbar support pillows. Both chairs can recline to 130 degrees and come in bright colors like red, green, and blue.

The 400 is the priciest chair on this list. The price may be higher than the others, but it’s expected when considering the larger dimensions and robust design. It offers impressive value for gamers who need a bit more space.

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