Best open-air PC cases

Keep your PC cool with the best open-air cases.

Image by Cougar via Amazon

Cooling is a significant factor to consider when building a gaming rig, and an open-air case is an easy way to optimize a PC’s cooling capabilities. 

If components get too hot, their functions can be compromised, leading to slower gaming performance. Too much heat can also reduce their lifespan or cause them to fail because they have to work harder. 

Many gaming PC cases deal with this issue by having vents or dedicated fans to expel warm air and suck in cool air. Another way of dealing with this problem is an open-air case. Open cases allow air to flow freely at all times and have excellent ventilation.

Open-air cases also look drastically different from regular cases and have eye-catching designs to show off your rig. The downsides of open-air cases are that they are prone to dust and have less noise insulation.

These are some of the best open-air cases you can get today.

Thermaltake Core P3

Image by Thermaltake via Amazon

The Thermaltake Core P3 isn’t the most advanced open-air case, but it’s a winner because of its versatility and reasonable price. It’s one of the best airflow choices because it only has a single acrylic panel and is entirely open on four sides. The Core P3’s transparent design shows off your components and looks stunning whether you have it in a vertical, horizontal, or wall-mount configuration.

This ATX case has a modular design, so you can easily build your PC using only the trays, brackets, and panels you need. There’s also the option of downloading files from the Thermaltake site to 3D print accessories like radiator holders, storage trays, and brackets.

Because of the minimalist design, there’s no option to install case fans, and it’s bound to attract dust. It’s also a bit noisy because of the open layout. The airflow is second to none because it flows freely from multiple directions.

Antec Striker

Image via Antek

The Antec Striker takes things to another level with its advanced design and unique shape. This Mini-ITX case is made from aluminum and steel and is surrounded by 4-millimeter-thick tempered glass panels. The top of the case is entirely open, and there are gaps between the glass and aluminum for better airflow. One of the unique design features is the positioning of the graphics card. The GPU sits on the front of the case and takes center-stage for everyone to see.

This case has a segmented design, with space for water-cooling systems and additional fans. It also has ample space for cable management and comes with a PCIe riser cable. Instead of sitting in the front, the USB-C port, dual 3.5-millimeter jacks, and two USB-A 3.0 ports are conveniently located on the side of the case.

The compatible components are limited because of the case’s small size. Otherwise, it’s an exceptional case that looks like a work of art.


Image by Cougar via Amazon

The Cougar Conquer has eye-catching styling that means business. This mid-tower case has a silver and orange aluminum exterior complemented by massive tempered glass panels. The glass panels follow the case’s angular design and have huge gaps running on each side for increased airflow.

Like the Thermaltake Core P3, the Conquer has a modular design, so only the relevant parts need to be installed. An area where it differs from the other cases we’ve mentioned is the inclusion of three intake fans that sit on the top of the case.

The panel in front of the fans houses the two headphone jacks and two USB 3.0 ports, but there’s no USB-C support. It’s a minor drawback when considering the stunning looks and outstanding airflow. 


Image via FPS

The FPS CMT710 costs a fortune, but it is perfect for dual systems. This mammoth case also has an unconventional symmetrical shape with angular aluminum and tempered glass panels. There’s also an RGB light bar running down the center that is compatible with MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura, and other standard manufacturer software. Both sides feature a unique winged design, and there are spaces all-around for air circulation. 

The dual-chassis design allows the installation of two sets of components back-to-back for one mega build. Alternatively, it can house a single build with ample space for a water-cooling system or additional components. 

The FPS CMT710 looks terrific and caters to modders and streamers who want to pack as much hardware as possible into a case. It has superb airflow, but it’s overkill for casual gamers.

Thermaltake AH T600

Image by Thermaltake via Amazon

The Thermaltake AH T600 features an aggressive design based on the cockpit design of attack helicopters like the AH-64 Apache. It has a steel construction with a black or white finish. There are hexagonal vents on the sides and top, as well as four chiseled intake vents. There are tempered glass panels on the front and two hinged tempered glass side panels that provide access to the internals. The back is open, and there are also gaps on both sides for airflow.

The overall size of this case is massive, and it weighs a hefty 45-pounds. The size is an advantage because it has more than enough room for your components. A removable mounting bracket for water cooling systems is also included in this case.

The AH T600’s helicopter-inspired design looks different from most computer cases and has excellent airflow because of the open back ample venting. It may be too big for some people, but others will appreciate the space.

InWin D-Frame

Image by InWin via Amazon

The InWin D-Frame is inspired by the metal tubing on motorcycle frames. It has two pieces of metal tubing forming the frame, and the front part is removable to allow access to the internal components. Most of the case is open, but the sides feature tempered glass with spaces all-around for better airflow.

One of the features you don’t commonly see on a case is the built-in 1065-watt power supply unit. The included power supply was designed exclusively for this case. InWin’s D-Frame case has a unique tempered glass window and a branded aluminum top cover. It also has a modular design and a built-in fast-charge USB port.

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