Best Nintendo Switch bundle deals

It's been tough to find a Switch during the pandemic, though.

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Game and console sales rose as COVID-19 took hold around the world this year. Nintendo saw increased demand and decreased production. Most places are still sold out of Nintendo Switches, but as the world adjusts, more items are starting to become available. 

If you’re on the hunt for a Nintendo Switch package or bundle, you’re going to be disappointed. Major retailers have limited stock or are sold out while third-party sellers triple the price to make a quick buck. We did locate some items that are available, but we can’t guarantee how long they’ll remain in stock. 

Here are some of the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals.

Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing

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It’s not surprising that Animal Crossing: New Horizons became a major seller in the middle of a pandemic. The game featured heartwarming characters, quaint island life, and museums to visit. It was an immediate hit on the Nintendo Switch console when it was released in March. Thanks to the popularity of the game, it’s now part of a bundle. 

This bundle features Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a Nintendo Switch console. It’s a simple, two-piece bundle with no fuss. If you just want a console and a game and were already interested in New Horizons, you can’t go wrong here.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Package

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If you want more than just the one above, consider this other option. In addition to the console and New Horizons, it adds the Nintendo Switch controller and a gift card for a year-long subscription to Nintendo Online. The game can be played solo and locally without a subscription, but if you have friends who live far away or people you can’t visit in the socially distant world, then you’ll need an online subscription. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but a year’s worth of Nintendo Online is a valuable addition to your Switch experience. It isn’t just for New Horizons. Other games you might get in the 12 months you have the subscription may also call for it. Pokemon Sword and Shield also need subscriptions for online gameplay, for example. 

As for the controller, experienced Switch owners will warn fans about the dreaded Joy-Con drift. After some period of use, your most-used Joy-Con will start to cause your character to walk in a random direction without input. It’s a frustrating failure of hardware that Nintendo promised to fix for free, should it happen. But it’s nice to have a backup controller, just in case.

Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing

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For those looking to get a Switch but only want to use it as a handheld device, there’s the Switch Lite. It’s the younger sibling of the Nintendo Switch console but doesn’t connect to your television to play like a stationary console. Instead, it’s closer to the 3DS or GameBoy generation, staying purely handheld.

While it might seem like there’s some limited functionality to a Switch Lite, many simply prefer the ease and comfort of the portable, handheld device. It does everything the normal Switch does while not connected to a screen—with the same frame rate and graphics quality. 

This bundle is like the first option on our list, just the Switch Lite and Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Switch package with memory card and starter kit

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Not every bundle comes with games. Some focus more on hardware improvements and protection than adding to your gaming library. This package has the Nintendo Switch console, a memory card, and a starter kit. 

In the digital age and the age of social distancing, buying online and digital downloads are important. Like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, you can buy, download, and store games directly on the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the first two consoles, the Nintendo Switch has terrible memory. The functionality is there, but the space isn’t. Getting a bundle that includes a memory card will increase how many games can be stored. The memory card in this bundle is 256 GB, bringing it to about half of what the PS4 and Xbox One have by default. 

The starter kit included in this bundle is a steal for the price. It includes a case, an additional USB-C power cable, cleaning cloth, and silicon grips for the Joy-Cons. 

Nintendo Switch Lite package with memory card and case

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You have to treat both siblings equally. If the Nintendo Switch has a bundle with a case, memory card, and console, the Switch Lite will have one too. The Switch Lite suffers the same memory issues as the Switch. You can’t go wrong with a memory card, whether you get it in a bundle or buy it separately. Both the Switch and the Switch Lite will need to run an update before you can use the Micro SDXC card, but it’s easy enough to do. 

This bundle, as is true with all Switch Lite packages, is cheaper than the Switch version. The Lite, in general, runs cheaper since it has less functionality but since it has no Joy-Cons to detach, there’s no starter kit. Instead, it just offers a carrying case to protect the device and games. The memory card is different as well. It’s not a 256 GB card. Instead, the Switch Lite package offers a 128 GB card. While it’s not as much space, it’s still a valuable addition to the console’s limited capacity. 

There are many variations of this bundle. The Lite has more color options than the Switch and this package can include the gray, pink, teal, or yellow Switch Lite. 

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Package

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Finally, there’s a bundle that includes the best of all of them—minus Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that is. This bundle is for fans who have other people to play with. Whether they’re friends in other timezones or family in the same house, this one caters to social gameplay. This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console, Mario Kart 8, extra Joy-Cons, and a gift card for a 12-month membership to Nintendo Online. It doesn’t have the memory card, but some people might be willing to sacrifice that for the extra Joy-Cons and membership deal. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great option for multiplayer households. It doesn’t tear relationships apart like Mario Party games, as long as no one sends a blue shell at anyone else. Unite against the computer opponents or blow off some steam by doing laps around your family. 

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