Best massage gaming chairs

Put your back into it.

Screengrab via Downix

Most gaming chairs ship with built-in comfort and adjustability features, but very few go the extra mile and include a massage option. Having a massage option allows gamers to get some back relief during marathon gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs integrate massage functionality in different ways. Some have built-in rollers with programmable options for different massage types. More affordable gaming chairs tend to fit the massage function into the lumbar support pillow and often have fewer massage options. 

Here are the best massage gaming chairs currently available.

Best overall massage gaming chair

Predator X Osim Gaming Chair 

Image via Acer

Acer’s Predator X Osim Gaming Chair is a combined effort between two companies known for quality products. The result is a comfortable gaming chair with built-in speakers and a massage function.

Most massage gaming chairs can’t match the advanced functions of the Predator X Osim. Instead of a wireless remote, it has a sliding controller embedded in the armrest to control the chair’s functions. Some of the functions accessed by the controller are the three preset massage options, including Energize, Lumbar, and Neck and Shoulders. All the options use a pair of rollers built into the backrest to massage the user’s neck, lumbar, and shoulders. Users can program the Predator X Osim to massage a particular area and adjust the rollers up and down depending on their height.

Apart from the massage function, the Predator X Osim is a well-built gaming chair with decent adjustability options. It uses the popular racing chair design with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) leather upholstery and removable neck and lumbar support pillows. The headrest is height-adjustable, and the backrest can recline up to 145 degrees. One of the more advanced features is the set of Bluetooth stereo speakers built into the backrest, providing immersive sound for players.

There’s no doubt that the Predator X Osim Gaming Chair is a cut above regular massage gaming chairs when it comes to functionality, but it has a significant drawback. It’s over double the price of the next rival on this list, so it will only appeal to those with money to burn.

Best pedestal massage gaming chair 

X Rocker Typhoon 4.1

Image via x Rocker

Pedestal chairs are a comfortable alternative to racing chairs, but they are more suited to console gaming than PC gaming. The X Rocker Typhoon 4.1 emulates the Predator X Osim by including built-in speakers and a massage function. While the Predator X Osim focuses more on massaging than sound, the Typhoon 4.1 puts its sound ahead of the vibration feature.

Bluetooth speakers and a subwoofer are standard on the Typhoon 4.1. There are two speakers in the seat, two on the headrest, and a subwoofer in the backrest. All the speakers are controlled by the panel on the chair’s right side, including the audio ports and vibration controls. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ships with the chair to add Bluetooth functionality. Getting it to work is as easy as plugging it into the console’s audio port and switching it on.

While the vibration function isn’t as strong as Predator X Osim, it’s enough to benefit users and comes with multiple adjustment settings. The Typhoon 4.1 has three rollers, and the intensity of the vibration can be turned up or down using the knob on the control panel. 

X-Rocker’s Typhoon 4.1 is an affordable choice for console players, and it folds away for easy storage when not in use. One of its only flaws is that the vibration function syncs with the game’s sound and only works if the user is playing. 

Best multifunction massage gaming chair 

Dowinx 6689

Image via Downinx

The Dowinx 6689 uses the same racing chair design as the Predator X Osim, but it has discrete branding and an all-black finish to give it a more business-like look. Downinx branding is only featured on the neck and lumbar pillow and can be easily removed if they aren’t needed.

Unlike the rival mentioned so far, the massage function on the Dowinx 6689 is located in the lumbar support pillow instead of the chair itself. There’s a vibrating cylinder embedded in the chair, and it kicks in automatically when it’s connected to a USB power bank. Compared to the other chairs on this list, there’s only one massage function and no dedicated on and off switch.

Many of the features are comparable to other racing chairs. The Dowinx 6689 comes in black polyurethane (PU) leather upholstery. It reclines between 90 and 180 degrees and swivels up to 360 degrees. This chair is also ideal for plus-size gamers because of its 350-pound weight capacity.

Dowinx’s 6689 is ideal for home or office use and has a mid-range price tag suitable for most buyers’ budgets. While it makes for a comfortable gaming chair, the massage function isn’t as polished as the Typhoon 4.1 and Predator X Osim and has no extended adjustability options.

Best RGB massage gaming chair 

X Rocker Torque+ RGB 

Image via X Rocker

RGB lighting can brighten up a room with its vibrant colors. X Rocker’s Torque+ RGB shares some features as the Typhoon 4.1, but it includes RGB lighting strips to add some flair.

The speakers on the Torque+ RGB can’t compete with the ones on the Typhoon 4.1. Instead of a 4.1 speaker system, the Torque+ RGB only has a 2.1 speaker system. There are two speakers in the headrest, a subwoofer in the backrest, but there are no speakers in the seat. Both X Rocker chairs share the same control panel and Bluetooth connectivity with the included DAC.

Another difference between the two chairs is the RGB lighting on the Torque+ RGB. Two curved lighting strips run along the chair’s sides from the headrest to the backrest. The lighting on the Torque+ RGB is discrete compared to other gaming chairs, so it isn’t distracting for players. It comes with an extensive color range with over 30 presets to choose from. 

The X-Rocker Torque+ RGB has the same three-roller massage system as the Typhoon 4.1, and it adds RGB lighting. It’s a worthwhile option for console gamers looking for a massage gaming chair with built-in speakers and RGB lighting.

Best budget massage gaming chair 


Image via Killabee

Massage gaming chairs don’t have to be costly. KILLABEE’s 9015  is an affordable racing-inspired option with a built-in massage function and a retractable footrest. 

The 9015 has similar characteristics to most racing chairs. It has PU leather upholstery with memory foam padding over a steel frame. Removable neck and lumbar pillows come standard, and there’s also a built-in footrest. Instead of four-way adjustable armrests like many other racing chairs, the armrests on the 9015 only move up and down.

 When it comes to the massage capability, the 9015 mimics the Dowinx 6689. Both chairs have lumbar support pillows with a built-in massage function. The 9015’s lumbar support pillow connects to the PC via a USB cable and has three massage settings and a heating function.

For a budget gaming chair, the Killabee 9015 has some additional features to stand out from the competition. The retractable footrest allows users to kick back and relax, while the lumbar pillow gives them a heated massage. Despite having limited adjustability, the 9015 is a strong contender for users looking for a reasonably-priced massage gaming chair.

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