Best marble chessboards

Check out a variety of the best marble chessboards.

Marble chessboards are sturdy, ideal options for casual chess games indoors and outdoors. The marble material of these boards makes them durable enough for outdoor use because the marble can withstand wind and humidity much better than a wooden or glass chessboard. Marble also displays many variations of swirls and veins of color.

Here are the best marble chessboards.

Best overall marble chessboard

RADICALn Marble Staunton Chess Set

Image by RADICALn via Amazon

Made from coral and black marble and polished by hand, this board has classical colors. Black marble achieves its color from bitumen. While black marble is self-explanatory, coral marble has an array of colors swirling throughout. Coral marble normally varies between reds, browns, beige, and sometimes hints of blue in the veining. This chessboard’s grid is coral and black, with coral making up the border.

Measuring 12 inches and weighing approximately 10 pounds, this Staunton chessboard is decent in size and unlikely to slide around on a table or other surface. Its list price on Amazon is around $199. While this board meets the mark, some feedback Radicaln received addresses the chest pieces being unstable due to their bottoms not being flush with the board. However, many buyers report that the board itself is exactly as it appears in photos. 

Best customizable marble chessboard

LeatherOCityUSA Marble Chess Set

Photo by LeatherOCityUSA via Etsy

This marble chessboard features a simple and classic look, but what makes it special is the customization options. It comes in five color options, with the first color listed being the color of the border. Options include black and coral, coral and black, coral and brown, black and white, white and black, white and brown, and white and green onyx. Each 16-inch chessboard is handmade by LeatherOCityUSA, a shop on Etsy, and is sold for around $200. 

Best value marble chessboard

Handmade Chesaning Brown Chess Board Game

Image via Wayfair

The Sierra family in Mexico hand-carves this chessboard, which is sold on Wayfair. The board is made from ivory-colored onyx and brown marble, topped with a brown finish. This chessboard is only about six pounds and measures 10.43 inches. While on the smaller side, the natural stone gives this board a classical look, and the smaller size can work well for taking the chessboard on the go. 

The whole set is priced under $100, which is an exceptional value compared to other quality marble chessboards. Keep in mind that natural stone means that there might be slight differences in the marble’s color.

Best raw marble chessboard

Lavish Chess Sets Staunton Marble Chess Set

Image by Staunton via Amazon

This chessboard is made of raw marble. Raw marble can make a chess board look more antique or vintage, as opposed to a fully polished board. Touching the board may also feel more like touching an old relic or artifact. Without the noticeable shine on other chessboards, this one appears completely matte. 

Handmade with white and green raw onyx marble, the colors look more complex than they sound. Alternating white and green squares are bordered by white. While not truly green, the green marble displays greenish browns, tans, and beiges. The board weighs about 10 pounds and measures 13.9 inches. With these specs, this board can be great for outdoor use. It appears natural and is hefty enough to withstand some wind and humidity. 

This chess set goes for just over $100 on Amazon, but take note that it does not come in a case. Instead, this marble chessboard is set in styrofoam. 

Best unique marble chessboard

HandproMX Stone Chess Set

Photo by HandproMX via Etsy

Marble and onyx are the ingredients for this transparent, salmon-pink chessboard. Typically, coral marble boards appear in variations of brown and beige with other colors displayed in veins, but this marble is a unique pink. Most marble boards on the market are going to be brown and beige. You can find other pink coral marble chessboards online on eBay and other user-run stores, but this particular board uses a contrast of a milky white against pink, the likes of which can be difficult to find. Measuring 13.77 by 13.77 inches, this board is great for playing a game with friends or just as decoration in a common room. 

HandproMX, a shop on Etsy run by Yidany Ceja from Mexico, is where this marble chessboard is found for just under $100, but you can also visit their own website here. The chess set ships in a box without a case for the board or pieces, and special gift wrapping and dedications are available upon request. 

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