Best LED lights for streaming

Bright streams are better.

Screengrab via Elgato

Streamers don’t only need an excellent camera. They also need the best lighting to go with it. There are different types of lighting setups, so streamers should decide the best solution for their requirements. 

Some streamers and professional photographers favor softbox lighting with a three-point setup. Three-point lighting involves three lights at different angles to create a shadow-free environment with balanced lighting. This system usually has a key light mounted near the camera providing primary illumination. Secondary fill lights are placed at strategic points to eliminate shadows.

Ring lighting is also common and a lot easier to set up. It often involves a single camera placed above or around the camera to light up the streamer’s face. 

These are the best LED lights for streaming.

Best overall LED lights for streaming

Fovitec SKU: SPK10-037

Image via Fovitec

Streamers looking for a complete three-light softbox lighting kit might consider Fovitec’s SKU: SPK10-037. This lighting set includes everything required for a professional setup, including three lights complete with bulbs, stands, and a boom arm.

This lighting set is ideal for novices and professionals alike with high-performance parts. Two five-bulb, 20 by 28-inch softboxes ship in the kit, and they attach to a height-adjustable stand going up to 7 foot 8 inches tall. The third softbox also measures 20 by 28-inches, and it only has a single bulb socket. This softbox connects to a 4-foot-5-inch-long boom arm with a 9-pound capacity.

The best thing about the SKU: SPK10-037 is the bright lighting it provides. There’s a total of 11 bulbs in the kit, with each one having a 45-watt output. Users can also upgrade to the 85-watt alternatives from the Fovitec website.

The Fovitec SKU: SPK10-037 is a worthwhile option for streamers looking for an all-in-one, easy-to-setup lighting solution. Despite this kit’s stellar performance, it’s quite expensive and might be overkill for some users.

Best high-end LED light for streaming

Elgato Key Light

Image via Elgato

Some streamers only need a single bright light for their setup. The Elgato Key Light is an LED panel with a stand that easily attaches to any desk using a C-clamp. It’s an easy-to-use lighting setup with app control and Elgato Streaming Deck integration.

For such a simple design, Elgato’s Key Light is very bright. It consists of a white panel containing 160 LEDs. The LEDs produce 2,800 lumens to light up the panel from the edges inward and bounces off the reflective coating inside. Since the panel has consistent lighting all-around without exposed bulbs, it can brighten up a streamer from close by without making them feel hot or uncomfortable. 

Adjustability is another strong point of the Elgato Key Light. The stand adjusts between 22 and 49 inches, and the Elgato Control Center app controls the brightness features. Users can also manage multiple key lights or control the brightness between 2,900 and 7,000 kelvin remotely through the app or the Elgato Streaming Deck. 

Elgato’s Key Light has a minimalist appearance that doesn’t take up much space, and it provides ample lighting for streamers. If a single light isn’t good enough, the Elgato Key Light can pair with Elgato’s smaller Key Light Air to remove shadows. The Elgato Key Light is very expensive for a single light and sits in the same price range as the SKU: SPK10-037 kit.

Best ring LED light for streaming

MOUNTDOG 18-inch Ring Light Kit 

Image via MountDog

Ring lights are an easy and affordable way to light up a stream. Mountdog’s 18-inch Ring Light Kit is very bright with 240 LEDs and includes the light, filters, stand, and everything else needed for lighting up a stream.

The adjustability options elevate the Mountdog Ring Light above many competitors. On the back of the light, there are knobs for users to adjust the color temperature between and brightness. The head adjusts up to 180 degrees, and users can choose between the orange and white filter sets. Users can also adjust the Mountdog Ring Light’s height between 33 and 79 inches with the included tripod stand. 

Another great feature of the Mountdog Ring Light is the number of accessories it includes. There’s a bracket and adapter for mobile phones and a hot shoe adapter to fit DSLR cameras. A Bluetooth remote is also included so users can adjust the settings without getting up to touch the knobs. 

While the Mountdog Ring Light has its uses, it also has its limitations. It’s ideal for game streamers and other users who only need their faces illuminated. Other streamers may be better off with the SKU: SPK10-037 or the Elgato Key Light.

Best outdoor LED lights for streaming

Lume Cube 2.0 Professional Lighting Kit

Image via Lume Cube

Most lighting kits aren’t rugged enough to handle outdoor use. The Lume Cube 2.0 Professional Lighting Kit is durable enough to work in adverse conditions and is bright enough for streaming.

The Lume Cube lights might be small, but they are very bright. Each light has a maximum brightness of 5,600 kelvins with over an hour of battery life on full brightness and three hours of runtime at half-brightness.

The standout feature of the Lume Cube is its ruggedness. Each light has a simple aluminum black-box design with a water resistance of up to 30 feet.  There’s a tripod thread on one side and a rubber seal on another to access the charging port. The two buttons included on the Lume Cube increase and decrease the brightness, with one of them doubling as a power button.

Like with the SKU: SPK10-037 and the Mountdog Ring Light, all the required accessories ship in the kit. There are 20 parts in the kit, including two Lume Cube lights with their respective mounting systems, diffusers, and modifiers. 

Lume Cube’s 2.0 Professional lighting kit is compact enough to go anywhere, and it’s tough enough to withstand the outdoors. While this lighting kit is ideal for adventurous types, indoor users may balk at paying so much for features they don’t need. 

Best budget LED lights for streaming

EMART 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit 

Image via Emart

Beginners don’t need to spend a fortune to break into the streaming world. The Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit is reasonably priced and includes two lights and accessories.

Two lights ship in the kit. Emart includes two tabletop photography lights in the kit. Both lights have rectangular panels measuring 5.5 by 3.7 inches, and they each contain 60 LEDs with a maximum brightness of 1,400 lumens. The lights sit on height-adjustable plastic stands with a maximum height of 11 inches. Users can adjust the lights up to 180 degrees to get the best shot. 

Filters are included in the kit to brighten up shots. Ten filters are ship with the Emart kit, and each light gets an orange, red, blue, and white filter.

While the Emart lighting kit doesn’t have all the high-tech features of the other lights on this list, it’s still worth a look for budget-conscious buyers. It provides adequate lighting at a low price without unnecessary features like app control or extreme ruggedness.

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