Best green screens for streaming

Green is everyone's favorite color.

Screengrab via Elgato

Regardless of what you are streaming, green screens are an easy way to make your broadcast more entertaining. Thanks to green screens, you can create funny effects, make cool montages, and prevent your environment from interfering with the broadcast. This keeps viewers focused on you instead of objects in your background. In addition to this neutralizing effect, a green screen has the advantage of offering a great deal of creative freedom. 

With the growing popularity of live streaming, more and more manufacturers are entering the green screen market to meet the demand. However, not every company makes the same type of green screen. Companies produce a variety of screens to meet all different use cases.

Some screens are suitable for large rooms, but users will need to double-check the screen’s dimensions to ensure they won’t be too crowded. At the same time, you’ll need to look at the structure of the green screen. Mounting a green screen is usually easy, although tripod-mounted green screens may take a little taller. Some manufacturers, such as Elgato or Khomo Gear, have more practical and well-thought-out systems.

As a general rule, a heavyweight base means plenty of stability, but that doesn’t mean that a light structure prevents the green screens from staying in place. Some models include reinforcements in the form of extra legs or backbones for more stability and durability.

Green screens come in all varieties, with some options available in the form of hangable fabrics or mountable panels and some for indoor or outdoor use. 

Here are the best green screens for streaming.

Best overall green screen

Elgato Green Screen

Image via Elgato

If you are looking for a green screen from a leading brand, consider Elgato’s green screen. Elgato is known for making high-quality streaming gear like Stream Decks, capture cards, and lighting. The Elgato green screen is 58 by 71 inches, resistant to wrinkles, and collapsible, just like Khomo Gear green screen. It takes a few seconds to set up, and users can easily move it around. When extended, it’s tall enough to cover the entire environment in the frame. The metal base ensures the screen stays stable when extended. Many streamers prefer this green screen for its reliability and ease of use.

Best studio green screen

LimoStudio Green Screen

Image via Limostudio

Studio spaces can take advantage of larger green screens like LimoStudio’s. Measuring 108 by 180 inches, the LimoStudio green screen is by far the largest green screen on the list and comes with a couple of advantages when streaming in a studio.  The kit includes a set of three strong clamps for an easy and reliable mount. Like most screens on this list, LimoStudio’s uses a high-quality material that reduces light reflections from the studio lights. 

Best mountable green screen

XINTUO Wall-Mounted Green Screen

Image via Xintuo

If you are looking for a practical green screen that mounts on a wall, you might consider this wall-mounted green screen from Xintuo. Installing this green screen is an easy process, and it mounts on the wall or the ceiling. It measures 75 by 79 inches and comes with handles that allow you to drop the green screen at any height. Xintuo designed this green screen with a wrinkle-resistant fabric that works in low-light conditions.

Best collapsible green screen

KHOMO GEAR Green Screen

Image via Khomo Gear

When you are in an environment that changes frequently, it’s crucial to have a green screen that is easily transportable. This green screen from Khomo Gear is collapsible and easy to move around to install wherever you need. It’s made for streamers and fits many use cases. The durable polyester fabric is resistant to wrinkles. At 55 by 78 inches, installing is such an easy process that Khomo Gear claims you can position the legs, unlock both cover brackets, and open and lift it in three seconds. It also comes with a precision positioning system that locks the fabric at the desired height.

Best outdoor green screen

Westcott Green Screen

Image via Westcott

For a broadcast that requires you to maneuver your green screen outdoors, the green screen must be durable and resistant to outdoor conditions. This green screen from Westcott is 108 by 120 inches, made with wrinkle-resistant material, and Westcott claims it doesn’t reflect light from the environment, although most quality green screens don’t reflect light. This green screen is large enough to cover a wide field of view and comes with a pole pocket that is compatible with many standard backdrop support systems. 

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