Best gaming mice under $50

These are the best mice for the budget-minded gamer.

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Gaming can be expensive. From consoles to PCs, costs run high and budget-minded players may find themselves flinching at price tags. Computer gaming runs higher than its console counterparts and needs extra peripherals to work: monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers or headsets. Key items are not often included with the computer itself. 

Gaming mice range from budget-friendly to luxury-priced items. Brand names alone can push the price of the mouse into the higher range. Not every mouse needs to be a well-known brand. Many of the off-brand mice are just as good as their popular competitors. Some of the popular brands do have budget-minded mice available, if you are loyal to the name.

LTC Circle Pit HM-001 RGB Gaming Mouse

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The LTC Circle Pit HM-001 RGB gaming mouse is a good-looking, lightweight mouse that doesn’t strain your wallet. It weighs only 2.65 ounces (75 grams). This light little mouse may not be for everyone, but the lack of weight makes it slide across the desk and helps you react faster. If you put a lot of pressure on your mouse, it might feel fragile due to the weight. 

There’s more to this mouse than the lack of weight. This white mouse has a top-facing RGB honeycomb pattern that can be customized with both effects and colors. It has up to 6,400 DPI with five onboard DPI levels that can also be customized to personal preferences. It has up to six programmable macros. 

PICTEK RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

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It will be hard to beat the LTC Circle mouse in appearance, but the Pictek wired RGB mouse undercuts the cost by half. It’s an inexpensive mouse that pulls its weight—literally, since it comes with an adjustable weight set for those that don’t like featherweights. The mouse can go up to 12,000 DPI, has a fire and sniper button equipped, and 10 programmable buttons. The mouse is equipped with six adjustable DPI levels, each of which can be customized. 

The mouse has a DPI lock button and fire button. Often called a “sniper button” when the DPI lock is enabled, it drops the DPI to 200. Low DPI is a powerful tool when used in FPS games. Those that aim with their wrist may struggle with a sudden drop in DPI (and wrist aiming causes strain on the wrist), but those that are used to aiming with their shoulder will find lower DPI allows for more precision. The fire button is a trigger button, but causes rapid, constant firing from the in-game weapon. 

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Razer is a common name in the gaming world. The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is regularly priced just outside of this price range. The decreased price dropped it into the range. It’s a wireless mouse with a 450 hour battery life, 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and six programmable buttons. The mouse lasts 450 hours on Bluetooth and 285 hours on HyperSpeed Wireless. Both of those estimations are significantly better than mice from lower-priced competition. The mouse can be customized in Razer’s Synapse 3 and supports up to 50 million clicks. 

Razer DeathAdder Essential

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The Razer DeathAdder Essential only just makes the budget limitations. It is the average, default gaming mouse. The usual price relies on the Razer brand name instead of the mouse’s features. Other competitors with lower prices have the same or better specifications. But while it may be matched by the competition, Razer’s management software is more intuitive and fluid than competitors’. Lower-priced competitors may not even have software to edit mouse features. 

The DeathAdder Essential is a barebones minimal mouse from top gaming brand, Razer. The mouse comes in two colors: classic black and mercury white. It has up to 6,400 DPI, supports up to 10 million clicks, programmable DPI switching, and five programmable buttons that can be remapped in Razer Synapse. 

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

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The final Razer product is the Viper Mini Ultralight. This is a small mouse, lighter than the featherweight LTC mouse, coming in at 2.17 ounces (61 grams). It has an 8,500 DPI optical sensor, customizable Razer Chroma RGB color profiles, and six programmable buttons with macro functions. The mouse uses light beam-based switches to register button presses for fast, precise control and response. It is a small mouse. Players that like larger gaming mice are better off with another device due to the size and weight. 

Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

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Redragon comes in again with the wireless M901. It hits a happy mid range in terms of price and has satisfactory specifications to back up the cost. This is one of the few 12-button mice on the list.

The M901 comes with 18 programmable buttons (19 total buttons), something the majority of the list can only dream of. It is a lightweight mouse but comes with additional weights that can be installed in a small compartment at the bottom of the mouse. It has five memory profiles with their own colors. Each of these profiles can be adjusted. It has a 12,400 DPI sensor, giving it one of the highest on the list. 

Redragon M908 Impact

Image via Redragon

The M901’s sibling is the M908. It has roughly the same specifications as the M901 with a different appearance. It has a similar 12-button side panel, customizable buttons, up to 12,400 DPI with five programmable levels, and the eight-piece weight set. While the specifications are the same, the mouse has better ergonomics and grip than the M901 predecessor. 

Scettar Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Image via Scettar

There are two Scettar gaming mice worth mentioning. They both are low cost, with similar specifications, but the white option is a couple dollars less. The black option has a lower range at a slightly higher cost, so for this reason, the white is featured. The Scettar mouse is wireless and rechargeable, a feature we like to see in such a low-cost option. It has a wide working range, about 32 feet (or 10 meters). This huge range will keep the mouse connected and eliminate dropouts. It has four preset DPI modes, maxing at 2,400 DPI. 

The Scettar mouse is one of the few that is silent. The clicks are soundless, for those that are annoyed by constant clicking or have finicky roommates. The mouse has a sleep timer where it will automatically enter sleep mode if not used after eight minutes to save battery power. It has less emphasis on LED lighting, but there are seven LED lights with a breathing effect. This cannot be disabled or changed, unfortunately. 

UHURU Wireless Gaming Mouse

Image via Uhuru

The Uhuru gaming mouse has over a thousand positive reviews. It has a good mix of aesthetic and function, making it a good mouse for a budget-minded gamer. The mouse has up to 10,000 DPI, is wireless with a 50-foot range, seven changeable LED lights, five DPI levels, six programmable buttons and macros, and a rechargeable battery. The mouse can be used wired or wireless. The seven colors have different effects, including a pulsating pattern. 

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

Image via UtechSmart Venus

The UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse is similar to the Redragon mice mentioned earlier. The mouse has the same weight system and a similar 12-button side panel. This mouse reaches 16,4000 DPI, 1000 Hz polling rate, and adjustable DPI levels. The lighting effects can be disabled or adjusted according to individual preferences. The buttons are programmable and allow for different macro functions. 

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