Best gaming laptop sleeves

Protect your laptop with these slim and lightweight sleeves.

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Gaming laptops usually are quite pricey, so you need to keep them safe from scratches and drops, especially when you’re on the move. There are many briefcase and satchel style bags available, but they are often heavy and bulky. Laptop sleeves are typically much more compact but still offer excellent protection. 

The best laptop sleeves should be made out of a durable material and have enough padding to protect your laptop. Some even come with a hard outer shell for extra protection and have shock-proofing and water-proofing. 

Most gaming laptops are 15.6-inches or larger, and it’s best to get a sleeve with a snug fit. If it’s too loose, the laptop will move around and may take damage. If it’s too tight, the sleeve can get worn out and might not offer enough protection. We’ve made a list of some of the best sleeves to protect your laptop.

Thule Gauntlet 3.0 16-inch sleeve

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The Thule Gauntlet is built for the Macbook Pro, but with internal dimensions of 14.1 x 0.6 x 9.7-inches, it can fit many other laptops with ease. This sleeve comes from a company renowned for making reliable and rugged products and doesn’t disappoint. The outer shell has a business-like grey appearance with polyurethane construction. Polyurethane is stiff enough to protect your laptop but flexible enough to absorb bumps.

The interior of the Gauntlet 3.0 is constructed from thick foam padding that helps your laptop stay in place and offers another layer of protection. Everything about the construction, including the heavy-duty zippers, is tough and classy. There are also elasticated “hinges” on either side of the clamshell design so you can use your laptop without taking it out. The Gauntlet 3.0 is one of the best sleeves you can get, just make sure your laptop fits before buying. 

ProCase 14-15.6-inch laptop sleeve case 

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The ProCase Laptop Sleeve has an affordable price and is compatible with many laptops. The outer layer is made from waterproof and dust-resistant polyester and is available in a range of colors, including pink, black, teal, and dark grey. The interior has foam padding and a soft lining with 15.6 by 11 by 1.1 inches of space to fit most laptop brands. 

This sleeve also comes with a convenient carry handle and dual zippers. It also has a large storage pocket in the front to store your charger and other items. This sleeve offers limited protection because of its soft construction. It’s a stylish, lightweight, and inexpensive way to protect your laptop.

Tomtoc 360 protective laptop case

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The Tomtoc 360 protective laptop case blurs the line between a sleeve and a shoulder bag and is lightweight and very slim. It’s made from water-resistant canvas fabric and won’t get scratched easily. Another great feature is the CornerArmor, which is just a fancy word for saying there’s extra padding on the corners to protect against bumps and drops.

This sleeve has interior dimensions of 15.2 by 10.4 by one inches that can fit many different laptops. The interior lining is soft and fluffy, with ample padding. On the outside, two large zipper compartments can store your charger or stationary. Carrying is also easy because of the retractable handle that flattens when not in use. This sleeve has superb protection and lots of space. It’s also compact enough to fit into satchels or other bags.

AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve

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The AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve is one of the cheapest ways to store your laptop. This no-frills laptop sleeve is a basic Neoprene bag with padding. The internal dimensions are 16 by 11.5 by 0.7 inches, so it should fit most 15.6-inch laptops. Neoprene has a silky touch that feels good in the hand, and it comes in an array of colors like blue, purple, black, and navy.

One of the advantages of this sleeve is that it’s very slim. It also has a snug fit around your laptop and weighs almost nothing. There aren’t any extra pockets, and the spartan look is accented with a small logo and a single zipper. This sleeve offers minimal protection, but it’s a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

TOMANTEK 15-15.6-inch laptop sleeve

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You can get the Tomantek Laptop Sleeve that’s shockproof and water-resistant for just a few bucks more. This sleeve has internal dimensions of 15.6 by 11.2 by 0.8 inches, which should fit most 15.6-inch laptops easily. This sleeve has an outer surface made from gloss black PU polyester with a cool ridged pattern. It offers exterior protection but might be susceptible to scratches.

The interior has a thick layer of memory foam to provide shock-proofing and a velvet cushioning layer for added protection. A dual zipper design completes the sleeve. The Tomanek laptop sleeve looks incredible and offers excellent protection for your laptop. It also comes at a reasonably low price. 

Arvok 17-17.3-inch Laptop Sleeve

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If you have a bigger laptop, you might want to check out the Arvok 17-17.3-inch Laptop Sleeve. This sleeve has dimensions of 16.1 by 1.25 by 11.8 inches and should fit 17-inch laptops. It has a 0.25-inch thick neoprene construction and comes in funky colors like blue, yellow, and pink. There are also conventional colors like black, brown, and blue available.

This sleeve is slim and light and has a tight fit to keep your laptop safe. The neoprene is water-resistant, and there’s also additional padding on the interior. Both zippers are sturdy and sit so that they can’t come into contact with the laptop. At such a low price, this sleeve makes sense to protect your valuable laptop.

Lymmax Laptop Sleeve

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The Lymmax Laptop Sleeve is a bit more expensive but has a hard outer shell. The EVA molded shell is rigid and tough, with an elegant diamond pattern forming small ridges. This sleeve also has soft microfibers lining the interior to protect your laptop from scratches and nylon side stitching for extra strength. The dimensions are 14.69 by 10.04 by 0.63 inches, so some laptops might struggle to fit. If you need extra storage, there’s a large compartment with a smaller pocket and slots for business cards inside.

The Lymmax Laptop Sleeve is easy to open and close with a strong velcro fastener, and there’s also a small handle for easy carry. This sleeve is great looking and is shock resistant and water repellent. 

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