Best gaming desks under $100

Find the best desk without draining the bank.

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Desks are a necessary but expensive part of owning a computer. Even those with more mobile gaming setups need a desk to take full advantage of them.

But getting an inexpensive desk can be a challenge. Most things marketed towards gamers suffer a price increase and desks are expensive on their own. If you’re on a budget here are the best gaming desks we found under $100. 

Before we go into the list, be warned many of these are compact and tiny. Most of these cater to those with little space. If you are looking for a bigger desk, you may need to check your budget. We found one option that will fit someone looking for a lot of space with little cost.

SHW L-shaped gaming desk

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An inexpensive L-shaped corner desk is a steal. This desk is made of particle board with a metal frame. The frame has adjustable glides to stabilize the desk on an uneven floor. The majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive; a good thing on a desk this cheap and large. It measures 51 inches wide, giving users plenty of space for their gaming set up. 

Flash Furniture black gaming desk

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This desk from Flash Furniture is what we expected to see from desks in this price range. It’s a small desk made of laminate with a coated metal frame. It measures 51 inches in width, giving it a nice length for such an inexpensive desk. It caters to gamers with a cupholder and elevated stand for a monitor. If the L-shaped desk doesn’t appeal to you, this would be a good option. 

The Flash Furniture desk has two colors: the black (pictured) and a red version. The red version is moderately more expensive, putting it slightly above our cut-off price.

Eureka Ergonomic 31 inch gaming desk

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The Eureka Ergonomic 31-inch gaming desk doesn’t have any reviews, but a quick look through the brand’s store showed positive results. The brand offers many gaming desks, chairs, and other gaming necessities, all with high ratings. Thanks to the history of Eureka Ergonomic, we’re comfortable featuring this one. 

This desk is compact. At 31.5 inches wide, there’s room for only one monitor here. The desk has a carbon fiber texture to the top and a metal X shaped frame. There are many gaming-specific features: cable management system, power socket holder, headset hook, cup holder, controller rack, and a tailored mouse pad. The mouse pad runs the width of the desk, but doesn’t cover the full depth. With all the additional accessories, this makes an excellent, compact and inexpensive desk for gamers.

Eureka Ergonomic 47 inch gaming desk

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The Eureka Ergonomic 47-inch gaming desk is the larger sibling to the desk above. Made from the same material and the same X-shaped supports, the only real difference here is the width of the desk. At 47 inches, you’ll have more space for moving your mouse, monitors, or peripherals.

It comes with a similar tailored mouse pad. We like the mouse pad on the smaller desk more. It runs the full width of the desk. This mouse pad looks more like a decorative rug that sits in the center instead of maximizing the space. If you place the mouse pad where it is shown in the preview, most of the space is gone to the monitor and the keyboard, making the mouse pad less of a feature with this specific model. 

Other than the mouse pad, this desk comes with all the same features as the other, smaller model: a cup holder, headset hook, controller rack, socket holder, and cable management port. 

AuAg Computer Writing Storage Workstation

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We’re moving away from the gamer-marketed desks. The AuAg 39-inch desk is a compact desk with a few convenient features. This desk comes in two sizes: 39 inches and 47 inches—both of which are below our cut-off price. Other than the size, the two are the same and are in the same listing, so we will cover the features for the smaller, cheaper desk.

The top of the desk is made from engineered wood while the frame is metal. It can hold a single monitor (the larger may be able to fit more). It has a storage bag and a hook. While these were not designed with gamers in mind, they fit well with gaming needs. The hook can hold a headset while the storage bag could hold controllers or any physical games. During assembly, you can place them wherever you’d like. 

Furinno Go Green Desk

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The Furinno Go Green desk is a very small desk. If you have two monitors, you will need something larger than this. The desk measures 31 inches in width. While it’s small, we like the side shelves and the storage drawers. There are no hooks for headsets or other peripherals, but the drawers and shelves may add the space needed. The desk is made from engineered wood and plastic. We’re a bit wary of the plastic tubing on the shelves, but the reviews are positive. 

KingSo Computer Desk

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The KingSo desk is a small study desk that could satisfy a gamer with limited funds or space. It’s a bit bigger than some of the others on the list, coming in at 47 inches in width. You might be able to fit two monitors side by side on this desk but it may feel cramped. The frame is made of stainless steel and unlike many other desks, the frame runs the full length of the desk top. The top is made of particle board for a lightweight but sturdy surface. Additional brackets added to the back of the desk will help keep it steady while working. 

AmzDeal computer desk

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The amzDeal desk is on the smaller side, but it’s not the smallest on the list. Sitting at 40 inches in length, it’s a compact desk that may support multiple small monitors. It features a steel tubing frame for stability and durability. The surface is made from composite wood and is 0.78 of an inch. The desk is scratch resistant with anti-collision and waterproofing to protect the desk from daily wear from use. It comes in two different colors: black and vintage. Both colors are the same price. The black has the same wood grain pattern on the surface. The vintage looks more like authentic wood and is pictured. 

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