Best gaming computer keycap replacements

These keycaps will upgrade your gaming setup.

Image via Ducky

The gaming keyboard is a key tool for PC gamers. FPS, MOBA, RTS, and RPG games all utilize various keyboard functions during gameplay. All of these genres demand precise keystrokes to gain a competitive edge over your opponents. With so much reliant on their keyboards, many gamers like to upgrade their gaming keycaps in order to give themselves an extra edge.

Adding gaming keycaps is one of the easiest and most affordable customization options for PC gamers. Even with a low-end keyboard, you can replace some, or all, of the keys to match your own personal preference regarding color and texture for less than $50. There is a diverse selection of keycap upgrades available, so whether you are looking to replace just your WASD keys or your entire keyset, there is probably a gaming keycap upgrade kit that is right for you.

Here are some of the best gaming computer keycap replacements available.

HyperX FPS and Moba Gaming Keycaps

Image via HyperX

The HyperX gaming keycap set is a perfect minimalist keycap upgrade for anyone who is looking to play either FPS or MOBA games. This OEM compatible set includes eight textured keys that make it easy for your hand to find the correct place on the keyboard without needing to look down. The keys come in either bright red or titanium. Both colorways will also help you easily spot your gaming keys at a moment’s notice. 

Included in this set are your standard WASD keys as well as the surrounding QERF keys, which are heavily used in FPS and MOBA titles. The keycaps are made of plastic and should fit any standard MX-style switch. This keyset also comes with a HyperX keycap removal tool, so you can quickly remove your old keycaps and replace them with these shiny new ones.

Fitlink FPS and Moba Gaming Keycaps

Image via Fitlink

The Fitlink FPS and MOBA Keycaps are an affordable and long-lasting keycap replacement option. These beautifully crafted caps are made of durable, brushed stainless steel. Since they are made of metal, they are also quite easy to find by feel, just like the textured options on this list.

Although they are made of high-quality metallic components, these keys still support keyboard backlighting. You can purchase these keycaps in six different colors, choosing between black, blue, silver, gold, rose gold, or rainbow. All of the options are beautiful, but the rainbow option has the most unique aesthetic of the bunch. 

This set can include either WASD or both WASD and QERF keys, so be sure to buy the set that suits the type of titles you enjoy playing. Like many of the other keysets on this list, these keys also come with a key puller for anyone who doesn’t already own one.

The Fitlink FPS and MOBA keycap set is designed to fit any standard MX-style switch, which covers the majority of gaming keyboards. However, like any keycap set, there is no guarantee that these specific keys will fit every keyboard. Worst case scenario, if you buy them and they don’t fit your keyboard, you can always return them.

YMDK PBT Miami Keycaps

Image via YMDK

For gamers who are looking to do a complete overhaul of their keys, you might consider purchasing the 108 key YMDK PBT Miami keycap set. This beautiful color-coordinated set uses the neon blues and pinks of Miami’s nightlife to brighten up your desk. These keys are designed to work with most ANSI layout boards that feature MX-style switches. YMDK’s Miami keycaps also support backlighting, which is a rather rare feature in full-color keysets like this one.

The Miami set features solid mold work, with smooth surface textures and consistent finishes across all 108 keys. The only thing to be aware of is that the key colors of these keys are brighter than they appear in the picture. If you are looking for a more subtle version of this neon color pallet, this might not be the set for you. However, if you are into bright neon pink and blue, this set will suit you well. While these keycaps won’t give you an upper hand in video games, they sure do look incredible.

Tai-Hao Sunshine Keyset

Image via Tai-Hao

If you are looking for a fancy color scheme keyset, but the Miami colors aren’t your style, consider picking up the Sunshine keyset from Tai-Hao. This 104 key set features a gorgeous vertical sunset gradient that elevates almost any keyboard from a tool into a work of art. The Sunshine set is compatible with boards that feature MX-style switches.

The biggest downside to buying this set is that the keys are completely opaque and don’t support backlighting. If backlighting is important to you, this keyset is definitely not for you. If you have a keyboard that doesn’t support backlighting, or you don’t care for RGB effects, this is a very cool and colorful keyset option.

HK Gaming Rubber Keycap Set

Image via HK

The HK Gaming rubber keycap set is built to maximize your in-game performance by increasing the grip of your most essential keys with a diamond texture. This set features 23 heavily textured, rubber keys. Included in this keycap set are the arrow keys, WASD and QERF, as well as ZXCV, the 1-6 keys, and your Esc key. The only notably missing key is the spacebar.

You can purchase the HK Gaming rubber keyset in three colors: purple, pink, and bright red. Like most of the other options on this list, these keys support backlighting. HK also includes a small keycap puller in the box as a courtesy.

These keys are made to fit MX, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, and LK switches, all of which have similar stem designs. Regardless of your keyboard, the HK keycaps will probably work for you.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

Image via HyperX

The HyperX pudding keycap set is designed to replace your entire keyboard with more RGB focused keycaps. This set features 104 keycaps in total, all of which are equipped with a unique translucent edge design that enhances your keyboards RGB effects by showing the light through both the legend on the key and through the sides of the keys themselves. This set can be purchased with either white or black key tops, and uses HyperX’s signature font on each key. The set also comes with a keycap removal tool.

If you already own a HyperX keyboard, these keys should fit your keyboard no problem. They should also be able to fit most other RGB enabled keyboards, even if they aren’t made by HyperX. Although these keys aren’t designed to increase your in game skills in any particular way, they look really cool and are built to a high spec, so they should last you for a long time to come.

Ducky Textured Keycap Set

Image via Ducky

The Ducky Keycap Set features 31 high-quality textured keys that are designed to maximize your gaming potential. These keys are specifically made for Ducky mechanical keyboards, but they should fit on a wide variety of gaming keyboards featuring MX switches.

This set includes WASD, QERF, ZXCV, the 1-6 keys, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Windows key, spacebar, the arrow keys, and the Esc key. Each keycap is topped with a diamond texture and a rubberized finish designed to maximize your finger grip during games, much like the HK set mentioned above.

Ducky includes more keys than some of the lower priced options. If you own a Ducky keyboard, or just like the look of these bright red keys, this set might be a good pick.

Corsair Gaming Performance Keycap Kit

Image via Corsair

Corsair has long been a key player in the gaming keyboard market, so it is no surprise that they have produced their own high-quality keycap kit. The Corsair Gaming Performance FPS MOBA keycap kit features eight textured and contoured keys that are designed to lead your fingers back into their ideal position for MOBA or FPS gaming.

These keys are compatible with all Corsair keyboards, and should also be compatible with many MX style switch boards that aren’t produced by Corsair. If you do own a Corsair keyboard, the textured pattern on these keys matched the texture that comes by default on the space key.

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