Best gaming chairs for plus-size gamers

Find a chair that suits your needs.

Image via Killabee

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to gaming chairs. Many gaming chairs are comfortable within a certain height and weight range, but some don’t accommodate everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of gaming chairs that welcome a wide range of users without sacrificing features.

Here are the best gaming chairs for plus-size gamers.

Best overall

Anda Seat Kaiser 2

Image via AndaSeat

The Kaiser 2 has a high weight capacity that exceeds most of the competition. It accommodates users up to 440 pounds thanks to its reinforced steel construction. The steel is covered in high-density foam with polyvinyl chloride leather (vinyl) leather and carbon fiber upholstery. Vinyl leather is more durable than polyurethane (PU) leather commonly found on other gaming chairs. Both the sides and rear of the Kaiser 2 feature a black carbon fiber finish that provides contrast and gives the chair a modern look.

The seat measures 20 inches wide, and the backrest is 34 inches tall. Anda Seat’s Kaiser 2 accommodates people between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet 9 inches tall, which is a broader range than most gaming chairs.

Many of the features like the recliner and adjustable armrests are common among gaming chairs. The Kaiser 2’s armrests are 4D adjustable, meaning they can move up and down, forward and backward, and in and out. The armrests have a concave shape to fit your arm, but the lack of padding makes them a bit uncomfortable. Lying back to relax is no problem with the 160-degree recliner function. Users can add more cushioning with the removable neck and lumbar support pillows.

Best upholstery options

Secretlab Titan XL

Image via Secretlab

Most gaming chairs offer one upholstery option, but the Secretlab Titan XL takes a different path. Secretlab offers customers a choice between two high-quality upholstery options in multiple colorways. The brand offers two PU leather designs and several Softweave options. 

Secretlab’s PU leather options include its Black and Stealth colorways. PU leather is easy to clean and is tougher than most fabrics. The Black colorway has a more neutral, business-like look, and Stealth stands out with its red stitching and carbon-fiber trim. 

The second upholstery option is Softweave and is softer and more breathable than PU leather. Users must clean this fabric with special cleaners and a vacuum. Secretlab’s Softweave color options for the Titan XL include Black, Charcoal Blue, and Cookies and Cream. 

The seat measures 19.9 by 22.6 inches, and the backrest is 33.5 inches tall. It also has a 390-pound weight capacity and accommodates users up to 6 feet 10 inches tall. 

Some features like the armrests and recliner are similar to the Kaiser 2. The Titan XL’s armrests have 4D adjustability, and the recliner goes all the way back to 165 degrees. There’s no separate lumbar support pillow because the chair has built-in adjustable lumbar support. A removable gel-infused neck pillow is included for additional neck support. 

Best budget option

Killabee 8204

Image via Killabee

Gaming chairs aren’t cheap, but the Killabee 8204 is easily accessible, thanks to its reasonable price. This chair also has a few more features than some of the more premium options on the list. 

The Killabee 8204 may be the most affordable option on the list, but it boasts a few unique features. Killabee’s 8204 is the only option on the list with a retractable footrest that compliments the 155-degree reclining function. The footrest has soft padding and folds under the seat when it’s not in use. 

Another unique feature is the massage function. The 8204 comes with removable neck and lumbar support pillows, and the lumbar pillow has heating and massage capabilities. Killabee’s massage pillow connects to your PC via USB and has three massage settings and a heating function. 

The 8204 has a 350-pound weight capacity. It also has a recommended height range of 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 1 inch. It may not be the tallest chair, but it adjusts between 19 and 22 inches off the ground.

Killabee’s 8204 emulates most standard racing seats with PU leather upholstery and adjustable armrests. Both the seat and backrest have bolstered sides. This chair looks relatively unremarkable, and the grey accents do little to make it stand out.

Overall, the Killabee 8204  is more about functionality than aesthetics. Its price makes it easily accessible to users looking to avoid making a large investment.

Best ergonomic option

Cooler Master Ergo L

Image via Cooler Master

The Cooler Master Ergo L is worth checking out if you want an ergonomic alternative to racing seats. 

Some of the ergonomic features include the adjustable backrest and seat. The backrest has a curved shape to match the contours of your spine. It’s also possible to adjust the height and tilt of the curved headrest. Users can adjust the seat forward and backward and set its depth to find the most comfortable seating position. 

Cooler Master’s Ergo L uses different materials than the other options on the list. Instead of PU leather and foam, the Ergo L uses a mesh material for its seat and backrest. The mesh has enough tension to be supportive, and it’s also cool and breathable.

This gaming chair has a high weight capacity but isn’t geared toward tall users. The Ergo L matches the Anda Seat Kaiser 2’s 440-pound weight capacity. However, its recommended height limit is just 5 feet 11 inches tall.

The ergonomic features on the Ergo L are superb, but the adjustability doesn’t match the other chairs mentioned so far. The recliner only goes back to 120 degrees, and the armrests only move up and forward. 

Cooler Master’s Ergo L costs a fortune, but it gives you a personalized seating position and doesn’t get hot after hours of playing. The high weight capacity makes the Ergo L a sturdy and supportive option. However, this chair may not be the best for taller users since its maximum height recommendation isn’t too tall. 

Best customization options

Maxnomic NeedforSEAT XL

Image via Maxnomic

Maxnomic’s NeedforSEAT XL allows customers to build a customized gaming chair to suit their preferences. Buyers can choose their chair’s components with Maxnomic’s online configuration tool.

The customizable components include the base, armrests, and cylinder. Both the base and cylinder are available in different sizes. The base comes in standard and XL sizes, and the cylinder comes in Short, Standard, and Tall sizes. It’s also possible to choose between the Standard and Premium armrests. According to Maxnomic, the Premium armrests have better build quality and finger grooves on the front. Maxnomic also offers customized embroidery on its chairs so you can add your name or clan logo.

When the toughest components are selected, the NeedforSEAT XL’s weight capacity goes up to 375 pounds, and the height limit accommodates users up to 7 feet tall. 

Maxnomic’s NeedforSEAT XL is similar to the Titan XL in its design. It comes in full-black PU leather upholstery with orange trim. Other standard features include 4D armrests and a recliner function.

There aren’t many gaming chairs that offer the customization options of the NeedforSEAT XL. It’s worth paying the price for the bespoke build and embroidery options if you’re looking for something tailored to your needs.

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