Best games to play on Nintendo Switch OLED

Whether it's new or old, everything looks better on the Switch OLED.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED is finally here for fans to try out, and while it might not be the 4K Switch upgrade the community has been longing for, the console does bring a step up in visual experience thanks to its new OLED screen.

Along with the new display, the Switch OLED boasts extra storage and a few handy quality-of-life upgrades for both docked and portable modes. The main aspect of this new model is its display upgrade.

With a bigger 7-inch screen boasting stunning OLED colors and blacks, you’re going to notice a big visual increase in most games you play. With that in mind, here are some of the best games to add to your collection for the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

Best games to play on Nintendo Switch OLED

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread

Why not try something new on your Switch OLED console? Metroid Dread is the latest entry into Nintendo’s iconic franchise, bringing the game back to its side-scroller roots. Not only is it an action-packed game with a surprising level of difficulty, but when paired with the impressive colors of the new OLED display, it looks absolutely stunning.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

When The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched for Switch in 2017, fans were already praising it as one of the most impressive examples of what the Switch is capable of. With the increased colors and size of the Switch OLED’s screen, the game looks better than ever before. 

You’ve got hours of content to play through regardless if you stick to the story or even more if you choose to explore the open world and everything Breath of the Wild has to offer. If you haven’t played this Nintendo masterpiece, don’t skip on the opportunity to do so via the new Switch OLED.

Monster Hunter Rise

If you’re after an action-packed, team-orientated adventure, look no further than Monster Hunter Rise. With its huge pool of content to play through, stunning landscapes, and intimidating monsters, Monster Hunter Rise is perfect for the more mature Switch gamer. Similar to other titles, playing this on the new Switch OLED will increase the image quality drastically simply by making the vibrant colors pop among the darkest blacks possible.

Doom Eternal

As far as AAA ports to the Nintendo Switch go, there have been plenty of misses with only a few hits. One of the best though is the recently released Doom Eternal that, despite the limited hardware capabilities of the Nintendo console, still performs exceptionally. This performance feels even better when paired with the high-quality display on the Switch OLED.

If you’re after a shooter that you can play on the Switch and will take full advantage of the OLED’s upgrades, you have to try Doom Eternal

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is known for its unique art style and impressive visuals. While it looks great on a regular Switch, the Switch OLED takes its aesthetic to a higher level. If you’re a fan of Metroidvania-style games this might be the perfect title to add to your collection. As you explore and uncover the mysteries of Hallownest, you’ll take on bosses, unique enemies, and learn a variety of new abilities. Hollow Knight is also the cheapest game on our list, so if you’re looking for something cost-friendly that will showcase the beautiful display of the OLED, pick up the game today.