Best ergonomic gaming chairs

No pain, lots of gain. Enjoy your gaming marathons in an ergonomic chair.

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Comfortable seating is a must if you’re planning on long gaming marathons.

Ergonomic gaming chairs provide excellent support and cushioning so you can relax and not worry about your back or neck taking the strain. Many gaming chairs are adjustable to your specifications and even have material designed to keep you cool while you play.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are different from regular office chairs and often have a higher back and better head and neck support. Quite often, they can tilt further back and also come with extra cushions. Since gaming chairs should be robust, they are often constructed from premium materials with good durability.

Here are some of the most ergonomic gaming chairs available today.

Vertagear VG-SL5000 Gaming Chair

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The Vertagear SL5000 uses the popular bucket-seat design favored by many gaming chair manufacturers. The difference is that it provides a snug fit, thanks to the curved shape that holds you in place. It’s made from faux leather upholstery over high-density foam and a steel frame. This gaming chair also reclines between 80 and 140-degrees with five lockable positions.

The armrests adjust in four directions, and there are also soft, removable pillows for extra neck and back support. The Vertagear is ideal for big and small people with a recommended height of 6.4 feet and a recommended weight of up to 260 pounds. Vertagear also offers an RGB lighting kit that looks amazing when combined with cases and headsets. The SL5000 doesn’t do anything unique. It’s just a very ergonomic chair with great price and superb quality.

Cooler Master Ergo L Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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The name says it all. The Cooler Master Ergo L is designed to be comfortable and supportive with the best ergonomics possible. Instead of a racing seat, it looks like an oversized office chair with a broad, curved back. According to Cooler Master, the design is based on research and is meant to align with your spine. The headrest can also move up and down and forward and backward for more support.

This gaming chair also features a mesh-like material called MuscleFlex that keeps the chair cool while still being durable. The armrests only offer 2D adjustments, but they are still well-placed and feel comfortable. If you want to relax after long hours in front of your screen, the ability to recline between 90 and 120 degrees will be welcome. This chair is quite pricey, but you’ll be happy for hours of Overwatch play.

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

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No gaming chair list is complete without an entry from DXRacer. They first popularized racing seats for gaming and took ergonomics seriously. The DX Racer Formula Series features a neck cushion for Cervical Spine support, a back cushion for Lumbar Spine Support, and a large curved seat for Caudal Vertebra support. It’s made from a mix of breathable PU leather and breathable mesh that keeps you cool no matter how much Call of Duty you play.

Another feature of DXRacer chairs is their renowned build-quality. Many chairs out there look the same, but few have a lifetime guarantee on the metal frame and will last as long. This gaming chair comes at a reasonable price and has excellent quality. The only downside is the maximum weight of 200 pounds and a maximum height of 5.8 feet.

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

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The X Rocker SE 2.1 pedestal gaming chair blends a couch and an office chair for a unique design. This gaming chair has elegant black PU leather upholstery with stylish metallic armrests. There’s ample lumbar support and head support, and it can easily fold in half for easy storage.

Another reason to choose the X Rocker chair is the built-in speaker system. This chair comes with two speakers built into the headrest and a subwoofer built into the backrest. They have fantastic sound quality and can also connect to your other devices through Bluetooth. The 3.55mm audio jack can connect to other X-Rocker chairs for an immersive experience. The X Rocker chair is perfect for someone who wants to hear all the gunfire in Apex Legends while relaxing in comfort.

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

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The OFM ESS gaming chair is very affordable and offers superb ergonomics. It has a beautiful design with a thick, contoured backrest with a vent for cooling, and there’s also thick padding on the seat and armrests for extra support. This chair is covered in a mix of PU leather and soft mesh padding. The armrests also flip-up so you can have them completely out of your way if you wish.

If you want to adjust things further, the OFM ESS chair also has height adjustment, a tilt feature, and can swivel 360-degrees. Despite the low price, this chair also has a limited lifetime warranty that’s far better than most rivals. This chair may look bland, but it’s comfortable and cheap.

IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Zero Gravity Gaming chair

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The Imperatorworks Zero Gravity is a top-of-the-range gaming chair that’s perfect for people with back problems. This chair reclines up to 128-degrees backward to put you in the zero gravity position looking upwards at the mounted screen. This position puts less stress on the body and allows you to play in peace. What’s also fantastic is that everything from the keyboard tray to the leg rests are electronically controlled, and there’s also a massage function.

Apart from being ergonomic, the Zero Gravity chair has many other outstanding features like a headlamp, storage bin, and a cupholder. It also has RGB lighting along the arm and can mount up to three monitors at a time. This gaming chair is very expensive, but it’s so comfortable, you won’t notice the hours going by while you play VALORANT

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Premium Racing Style Gaming Chair

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The Arozzi Verona Pro V2  is another racing-style gaming chair with incredible quality and attention to detail. There’s lots of padding on both the seat and the seatback and is shaped to support your body’s curves. Your back and neck get additional support from the provided pillows. They are both adjustable, and you can remove them entirely if you like.

This gaming chair also features a 165-degree recliner and has a 12-degree rocker mechanism. The PU leather material comes in an eye-catching design and is very easy to clean. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is made to last and has a huge, 290-pound weight capacity. It’s an amazingly comfortable chair, but it’s a shame that the armrests can only move up and down.

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