Best DisplayPort cables for gaming

See the best cables to connect your setup.

Image by Rankie via Amazon

DisplayPort cables carry high-quality video and audio data from a PC to a display. These cables provide high resolutions and framerates and are essential for gaming monitors with high refresh rates.

For competitive gaming, DisplayPort 1.4 is the best cable to use. The best DisplayPort cables have a high bandwidth of 32.40Gbps, allowing for a 240Hz refresh rate with a 1080p resolution or a 60Hz refresh rate with an 8K resolution.

While all standard DisplayPort cables work the same, other aspects, like the material and length, are also important to consider when choosing which to use for a gaming setup.

Here are the best DisplayPort cables for gaming on a PC.

Best overall

Club3D DisplayPort 1.4

Image via Club3D

The Club3D builds its DisplayPort cables to last. These cables have multiple layers of shielding that remain flexible to prevent damage from bending. The gold-plated connectors keep the conductivity from degrading over time.

With its VESA certification, this cable guarantees high resolution and high refresh rates. The HBR3 bandwidth of 32.40Gbps means that it can carry 8K resolution at 60Hz and 4K resolution at 144Hz.

Available in various lengths and with extension cables, the Club3D cables can fit into any setup. With 6.56 to 65.62-foot cables, extensions ranging from around six to 10 feet, and HDMI 2.0 adapters, length won’t be an issue with this cable.

These cables also work well for people who have older setups or are in the process of upgrading. The Club3D cables are all backward compatible with older DisplayPort standards, like 1.2., meaning people can use this cable without worrying about older monitors.

Best durability

Rankie DisplayPort 1.4

Image by Rankie via Amazon

With inner and outer shielding to protect the wires inside, the Rankie DisplayPort cables stand out from others in terms of durability. The internal braided foil shielding protects the signal of the cable while reducing interference, while the outer PVC shielding prevents damage from bending and corrosion.

Rankie cables also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Despite being the cheapest cables on this list, they are made to last and backed by the company.

However, the Rankie cables are not compatible with monitors with high refresh rates. While it can support up to 4K resolutions, it is not compatible with 144Hz monitors.

Best entry-level

iVANKY DisplayPort 1.4

Screengrab via iVANKY

With various lengths at an affordable price range, the iVANKY DisplayPort cable is worth considering when buying a DisplayPort cable for the first time. These cables are cheap, with most lengths falling under $20. But that doesn’t take away from the quality.

Shielded with a thin nylon braided jacket, the cable has a lifespan of 15,000 bends and has reinforced joints to resist corrosion. The latch-free connectors are gold-plated to give reliable connectivity. If something does go wrong with this cable, owners who register the cable on iVANKY’s website get a 54-month extended warranty.

The iVANKY cables do not have latches on the connectors, which could cause the cable to disconnect as it wears down or when cables get tugged.

DisplayPort cables aren’t too expensive, and many options will do the job for most setups. The DisplayPort cables on this list stand out for what they offer but feel the same as any working DisplayPort cable when used. 

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