Best budget green screen kits

Create anything you can imagine with these budget green screen kits.

Using a green screen can drastically increase your content quality because it lets you to superimpose images and create your visual effects. It also increases your freedom to build anything you can think of and bring it to life.

Green screens allow you to film anything, then remove the background and replace it with images of your choice. This technology works for blockbuster Hollywood movies, and now you can also get your hands on inexpensive versions to make your own movies.

It can be hard to choose the right green screen kit since they come in different materials and have numerous accessories. Some of them are also very expensive and best left to the pros. We’ve made a list of some of the best budget green screens to boost your movie-making skills. 

Fancierstudio 2000 Watt Lighting Kit

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The Fancierstudio 2000 Watt Lighting Kit is easy to set up and has most of the tools you require. It features a 10 by 12-foot muslin green screen with an 8 by 10-foot background stand. It also comes with three softbox lighting kits and their respective stands. Two of them are 6.5 feet tall and house hair lighting. The other is a 6.5-foot swiveling boom with a sandbag.

The beauty of this kit is that it comes with everything you need to get started, including the green screen and accessories. The muslin screen is relatively thin, and you might need to iron it to prevent wrinkles when filming. You should also ensure there are no rigid shapes behind the green screen, because these might filter through when filming.

Emart Photography Lighting Kit

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The Emart Photography Lighting Kit also comes with everything you need to get started. It has an 8.5 by 10-foot background stand and three 6 by 9-foot muslin backgrounds in black, white, and green. These backgrounds are small and probably suited to a single person or two people close together. This lighting kit also comes with two umbrella lighting kits and two softbox lighting kits.

Both lighting kits provide ample lighting with 2250 lumen bulbs, but the umbrellas are flimsy and should be handled carefully. The two 7-foot light stands have a lightweight aluminum construction and are easy to operate. This kit is portable enough to go anywhere and is simple to use.

Neewer Collapsible Background

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The Neewer Collapsible Background is probably the cheapest green screen kit you can get and is simple to use. It contains a 5.9 by 9.2-foot cotton green screen that’s easy to carry and can be set up anywhere. Since there’s no stand included, you’ll have to get one separately or use a clothes rack or other substitutes. The rod pocket will make this task much more manageable, and all the edges are fully stitched to prevent fraying.

The advantages of the Neewer green screen are that it’s portable and very durable. You can see the lack of accessories as an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you plan to use it. Some people will prefer to get their own lighting equipment and stands to meet their requirements. Others will wish they were included. Either way, this green screen is fantastic for beginners and doesn’t cost much.

Chromakey Green Screen Kit

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The Chromakey Green Screen Kit is much more expensive, but it’s larger at 10 by 12 feet and comes with lighting and accessories. Having a slightly larger screen can make a world of difference, and it is better if you’re recording two people or more. The kit also includes an 8 by 10-foot background support, and two 7-foot lighting stands with 105-watt bulbs and umbrellas included.

This kit can be set up in minutes and features a convenient carry bag to keep everything safe. The bulbs are gigantic, so you might want to pack them separately to prevent them from breaking. You should note that the provided lighting is for the screen itself, and you might need additional softboxes when shooting. Overall, it still has impressive quality and great value.

Webaround Big Shot Gen2

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If you’re into streaming and want to spice up your content, the Webaround Big Shot Gen2 might be just the thing for you. This portable green screen fits on any office chair, so you can create any backdrop you like when streaming. It has an entirely flat surface, and the adjustable straps ensure a secure fit. 

This green screen measures 56 inches in diameter but can be collapsed to just 21 inches in seconds. It’s made from durable polyester with a spring steel rim and should last for many years. The colors available are green, blue, and grey, but grey isn’t compatible with certain chromakey software products. This portable screen works very well, but if you have a wide-angle camera, you might need some third-party software to get the best out of it. 

LimoStudio Green Screen Kit

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The LimoStudio Green Screen Kit includes most of the equipment you’ll need in one easy-to-use package. The massive 10 by 20-foot green screen should be enough for your shooting needs, and it also comes with a 10 by 9.4-foot background support stand. Also included in the kit are three light stands, three light bulbs, two umbrellas, and a carry bag.

The lighting stands have a tough tripod design and are adjustable between 2.5 and 6.9 feet, while the light bulb mount also swivels to 180 degrees. Unlike many other green screens on this list, the background stand is also adjustable between 2.7 and 9 feet and feature durable safety locks. The LimoStudio kit offers exceptional value, but the screen may be too big for some people. 

HYJ-INC Photography Kit

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The HYJ-INC Photography Kit offers incredible value because it includes three screens in the kit. The screens come in green, black, and white, and all measure 6 x 9.5 feet. Also included in the kit is a background stand that’s both height and width adjustable. It also comes with two 86-inch umbrella strobe light stands and two light holders. The light holders take the provided 105-watt bulbs, and there are two 33-inch nylon umbrellas.

This kit is extremely versatile and should be good enough for a wide range of applications. All the parts are durable, and it can be constructed in no time. The provided carry bag is ideal for the stands, but you might need another one for the screens. 

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