Best Bluetooth microphones

These Bluetooth microphones offer convenient solutions for your gaming and recording needs.

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When it comes to producing a high-quality audio signal, Bluetooth microphones are not the ideal option. However, if you are looking to game on a console, talk on the phone, or record to a mobile device, the convenience of Bluetooth can be highly desirable.

Bluetooth microphones have a weak wireless signal compared to other wireless technology, which causes the Bluetooth microphones to be vulnerable to interference from other wireless devices. Bluetooth also produces a highly compressed sound, even on the best microphones.

If you are a content creator, music producer, or streamer, Bluetooth microphone technology may not be your best option. If Bluetooth becomes your best option, some microphones on the market work pretty well within the constraints of Bluetooth technology.

These are the best Bluetooth microphones currently available.

Instamic Pro Wearable Bluetooth Microphone

Image via Instamic

If you are looking for a Bluetooth microphone that is not integrated into a pair of headphones, you won’t find too many high-quality options. In fact, there are almost none. However, there is one option that is up to the task—the Instamic Pro

This tiny wearable microphone is designed to clip onto your shirt or connect to the top of a camera, and it can pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. It records decent quality audio on its built-in stereo microphone and even comes with 8GBs of internal storage, which is enough to record 14 hours of audio. The body of the mic pack features a tiny input level monitor, so you can instantly see if you are peaking or if your mic volume is too low.

The Bluetooth connectivity on this device is compatible with Facebook Live, Instagram Live, FilimicPro, Movie Pro, and several other applications that utilize microphones. The software compatibility makes this a great microphone to use if you are streaming from your mobile devices. This microphone can also link with Instamic’s phone application, allowing users to start and stop recording from a distance, among other things.

On top of all of that, this microphone is waterproof. Of the actual Bluetooth microphones on this list, this one is the most versatile option and provides the highest quality audio output. However, the audio quality on the Instamic Pro still cannot compete with a non-Bluetooth digital wireless microphone.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Bluetooth Headset

Image via SteelSeries

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset is a high-quality headset that is designed for use with gaming consoles, but it works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled PCs and mobile devices. This headset won the Best Luxury Headset award from Wired magazine in 2019 due to its modern industrial design and high-quality construction.

The Arctis Pro features the ClearCast bidirectional microphone, which operates very well over Bluetooth. The microphone provides high-quality audio right out of the box and is considered one of the best-in-class gaming microphones. In addition to providing high-quality recording, the ClearCast also features noise-cancellation to reduce intrusive background noise. 

The headset itself can run for 20 hours of gaming on a single charge. SteelSeries includes two batteries in the package, allowing you to charge one while using the other. Battery life rarely becomes an issue with the Actris Pro headset so long as you remember to charge the other battery when not in use.

Overall, the microphone on this headset provides a good balance between ease of use and solid audio quality, though the output will still sound compressed due to the Bluetooth signal. This headset is an expensive investment, but it should also last for years to come.

Audio-Technica M50xBT Bluetooth headphones

Image via Audio-Technica

The Audio-Technica M50xBT headphones are the Bluetooth version of Audio-Technica’s legendary M50 over-ear studio headset. These wireless headphones feature a closed-back design and can run for around 40 hours of continuous use before recharging. The M50xBT headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0—the latest Bluetooth technology with the lowest latency available.

These wireless headphones feature a high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphone. This mic has a very odd-looking frequency response, with some significant deviations from flat. Frequency response refers to how accurately a microphone or headset reproduces sound across the audio spectrum. Ideally, you want your response to be relatively flat and remain around zero since this means it is reproducing the correct frequencies.

However, from a practical perspective, the microphone on the M50xBT’s still manages to sound pretty good for a Bluetooth microphone. The audio produced from this microphone should be great for playing games with your friends or taking a call.

On top of coming with a built-in Bluetooth microphone, these headphones are also a professional-grade studio headset that would be right at home in a professional recording booth or a streaming setup. The listening experience on these headphones alone makes them well worth the purchase price.

This headset is cheaper than the Arctis Pro Wireless, but it can often be found on sale for less than its recommended selling price. If you are looking for a headset with a solid built-in Bluetooth mic, look no further than the ATM50xBT headphones.

Wireless alternatives to Bluetooth Microphones

If you are looking for a wireless microphone that can truly deliver high-quality audio results, you should consider a non-Bluetooth device that uses 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission. Microphones that feature this technology produce less compressed audio, deal with less latency, and have a more reliable wireless signal than even the very best Bluetooth competitor.

Non-Bluetooth wireless systems may not work for every application where a Bluetooth microphone is needed. However, if you can replace a Bluetooth mic with a 2.4GHz digital wireless microphone system, you should, since you will get much better results. 

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