Best 120-millimeter AIOs for PC

Liquid cooling made easy.

Image via Corsair
Image via Corsair

When it comes to PC cooling solutions, all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling is considered the most straightforward way to expand a CPU’s lifespan with simple installation and often affordable pricing. In terms of size, 120 millimeters is the smallest available AIO and is always the safest bet when building a PC that features an ITX or mid-tower ATX case. If the amount of available space is a worry for you, 120-millimeter AIOs might be your best friend. 

Like most PC hardware, the 120-millimeter AIO market is oversaturated with products that vary greatly in price but little in functionality. The following products are the best 120-millimeter AIOs for their respective categories. Each one will suit the needs of different builders, whether what’s most important is price, functionality, aesthetics, or the brand backing each product. 

Best overall 120-millimeter AIO

be quiet! BW005 Pure Loop 120mm 

Image via be quiet!
Image via be quiet!

Be quiet!’s BW005 Pure Loop has, somewhat ironically, the loudest listed decibel level at max RPMs on this list with a rating of 36.1dB. If being as quiet as possible is a necessity, then avoiding this AIO might be wise if you’re running an overclocked enthusiast’s CPU like an i9 or Ryzen 9. These CPUs tend to run extremely hot and will keep this AIO on full blast while your PC runs.

Aside from that specific worry, the BW005 is arguably the best 120-millimeter AIO on the market. Not only does this aluminum radiator/copper and nickel base AIO come with a max RPM of 2,000, but it also comes with a refill port and coolant bottle for extra longevity. 

Because all quality AIO’s are developed with longevity in mind, this extra coolant will likely not be needed. But knowing that refilling is easy if required is a fairly valuable asset to have for some PC enthusiasts. 

This AIO is compatible with most Intel sockets and AMD’s AM3+ and AM4 sockets. It also comes with white LED illumination as a cherry on top, with a slightly steeper price of under $100.

Best high-end 120-millimeter AIO

Corsair iCUE H60i RGB PRO XT 

Image via Corsair
Image via Corsair

The Corsair iCUE H60i PRO XT is an AIO that offers a max RPM of 2,400 at a decibel level of 37. Its design features a copper cold plate and aluminum radiator with an airflow rating of 75 CFM. 

The H60i PRO XT is a quality option if the price is of little consequence, thanks to its all-around good performance and compatibility. It features mounting functionality with many Intel CPU sockets and AM2, AM3, and AM4 compatibility for AMD motherboards. Like many of Corsair’s products, this AIO also has RGB functionality.  

The RGB Corsair products tend to be easy to customize and control thanks to the iCUE software they come with, and this 120-millimeter AIO is no exception. When building a PC splattered with RGB lighting, running products from the same company ensures consistent functionality between different hardware, all of which are controllable under the same software. 

While this AIO might not strictly be the best on the market, the convenience Corsair developed with this cooler is part of what informs the sub $120 price tag. The additional bells and whistles that make it a flashier AIO with decent cooling specs don’t hurt either. 

Best mid-range 120-millimeter AIO 

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 

Image via ARCTIC
Image via ARCTIC

The Arctic Liquid Freezer II features a max RPM of 1,800 at 20.5dB and 55.6 cubic feet per minute of airflow. Its price of just under $100 makes it a solid option for those who want an aluminum-plated AIO from a trusted brand without overspending on RGB compatibility or looks in general. 

This AIO is compatible with multiple Intel sockets and AMD’s AM4 socket. Check to ensure the Liquid Freezer II’s specific socket compatibility is right for your motherboard and CPU. 

Best budget 120-millimeter AIO 

Rosewill 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler

Image via Rosewill
Image via Rosewill

The Rosewill 120mm AIO is one of the cheapest liquid cooling solutions on the market. For around $55, the Rosewill offers a copper cold plate for efficient thermal heat distribution and a max decibel level of 34.1 while achieving an airflow of 53.4 CFM at a max RPM of 1,800. 

The Rosewill is an AIO liquid cooling solution for the entry-level PC builder who wants to make sure their build can overclock without fear of overheating, all without the bells and whistles that would put its price any higher. This AIO is compatible with both AMD and Intel CPUs.

Best ARGB 120-millimeter AIO 


Image via Asus
Image via Asus

The Asus ROG RYOU is an aluminum-plated 120-millimeter AIO that runs at a max decibel level of 37.6 and boasts an airflow of 80.95 cubic feet per minute. While the cooling is functional, the real reason you’d buy this is for its addressable RGB compatibility. 

While the ROG RYOU is relatively easy to install, it’s only compatible with the AM4 socket, at least when it comes to AMD motherboards. Intel users have far more compatibility. But anyone running AMD will have to be wary of buying this AIO if they aren’t running an AM4 Socket. 

Additionally, the software Asus uses to give their RGB products customization requires an Aura Sync compatible motherboard. As the name suggests, Asus is heavily recommending ROG motherboards to use with this product. 

If you can jump through the hoops of getting all of the required hardware, downloading the software, and organizing all of the ARGB and LED wiring this AIO comes with, what you’re left with is a decent cooling solution with customizable RGB lighting and an OLED panel that displays customizable animations. For some, that’s a worthy reward for the effort, even at a steep price. 

120-millimeter AIO’s are some of the best liquid PC cooling solutions on the market. They’re easy to install, have long life spans, are relatively cheap, and in some cases, can add a great amount of flair to a build. Be sure to refer to this list when looking to make a new build or upgrade your current cooling in the future. Stay cool, and happy building.

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