ASUS reportedly cutting GPU prices by up to 25 percent in April

Nvidia only.

Image via Asus

Today, Asus confirmed in an email to Tom’s Hardware that it would be slashing its GPU prices beginning April 1. The Asus representative also revealed that GPUs in the entry, mid, and high ranges would see significant price drops in the form of up to a 25 percent decrease.

In the email, Asus pointed to the lifting of Chinese import tariffs by the Office of the United States Trade Representative as being the main reason it is lowering its prices. Tariffs have been a driving force in the increased cost of GPUs since 2021 when the Chinese tariff exemptions reached their limits, causing companies like Asus to jack up their prices. With the tariffs lifted, Asus is looking to even the scales in part.

“As a result of the latest tariff lift on Chinese imports from the Office of the United States Trade Representative, Gamers and PC enthusiasts will see lower prices on ASUS GeForce RTX 30-series graphic cards starting on April 1st, 2022,” an Asus representative told Tom’s Hardware.

But the representative only referenced Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPUs, notably leaving out Nvidia competitor AMD. It’s odd that AMD would be left out of the price drop since it’s partnered with Asus for years now. Also seemingly left out in the dust is Intel, which, as pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, is partnered with Asus for its upcoming Arc Alchemist discrete line of GPUs.

To complicate things a bit further, Asus told Tom’s Hardware that consumers should be on the lookout for prices on certain models to decrease by 25 percent throughout Spring. An important clarification here is that Asus used the phrase “up to” when corresponding with Tom’s Hardware, meaning not every model will get a blanket 25 percent price cut.

Asus cutting prices on select models of GPUs is only good news for the consumer. For many who have been in need of a graphical upgrade, the coming months might even the playing field a bit more from a pricing standpoint. Availability, on the other hand, will likely continue to be another story entirely since scalpers and crypto-miners are still a major competitive hurdle to overcome in the hunt for a new GPU.