Are PlayStation Network servers down? Here’s how to check

These resources will keep you informed.

Image via Sony

The PlayStation Network is an essential part of the online experience for PlayStation players. The network is needed to enjoy the multiplayer portion of games with friends. And if the servers are down, players will be unable to connect.

If you experience issues with the PlayStation Network, use these resources to identify and resolve the problem.

PlayStation Network Service Status

The official PlayStation Network Service Status website should be your first stop when encountering connection issues. This site is directly updated by Sony and shows which parts of the network are experiencing issues.

Any issues will be reported on this site and players can see which services are being impacted by the connection problems. The site is typically updated in real-time, but players should check back after a few minutes if they don’t see any updates.

Ask PlayStation

The Ask PlayStation Twitter account is an excellent source for players trying to find more information about server and connection issues. The account will usually let players know if there are problems with the servers and often answers questions.

Down Detector

Down Detector is a third-party website that tracks any issues with the PlayStation Network. The page shows a timeline of when players started to experience problems and when they’re resolved. It also shows a live outage map, which can help players see if it’s a regional or global problem.

Other people can comment on the page to communicate with players and share tips on getting back online. But Down Detector isn’t a Sony-supported website, so keep this in mind when using it as a source.