Apple’s VR headset reportedly delayed to 2023

The newest delay isn't entirely surprising.

Screengrab via Apple

After some convincing rumors suggested that Apple’s VR/AR headset could launch in 2022, the company has seemingly pushed its headset to 2023.

Apple’s VR/AR headset was initially expected to be revealed at Apple’s Wolrdwide Developers Conference this past June, but technical issues held up the reveal and have reportedly moved the release window into 2023, according to Bloomberg. The delay is reportedly due to “development challenges related to overheating, cameras and software have made it harder to stay on track,” claimed an unnamed source who spoke with Bloomberg. While the delay puts off the excitement a while longer, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

A previous report by MacRumors placed the release window for Apple’s VR/AR headset in Q4 2022. With a Q4 2022 release window, any delay—big or small—could have likely shifted the release into 2023. Mass production setbacks have also been rumored to move the launch window of Apple’s headsets into early 2023 since October 2021, making the news of a 2023 delay for the AR/VR headset even less of a surprise.

The Apple headset aims to blend the AR functionality of Google Lens and the playability of VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. Apple’s head-mounted display is expected to use dual high-resolution 8K screens. Additionally, the headset’s head and eye tracking is informed by a dozen cameras or so. As expected, Apple’s headset will need to be connected to a member of the Apple family to function.

Apple has yet to release an official comment on the reported delay.