Apple Music is now available on PlayStation 5

Take advantage of this feature.

Image via Sony

PlayStation 5 owners with an Apple Music subscription can enjoy music directly from their console since Apple Music is now available on the platform.

Gaming while listening to music is an excellent way to relax and unwind, especially if you can easily select your favorite songs or playlists. PS5 players with an Apple Music subscription can now use it on their consoles in a seamless experience. 

The PS5 is the first console to feature an “integrated Apple Music experience,” allowing players to enjoy their music library while playing their favorite games. Players will have full access to Apple Music’s library of over 90 million songs, curated playlists, 4K music videos, and the Apple Music Radio. 

PS5 owners have a couple of ways to enjoy music while gaming. Players can play music in the background while playing a game by launching the Apple Music app before launching the title. They can also press the PS button on their controller to access the Control Center and the Music Function card. 

Players can even watch music videos with the Apple Music app. If players start the music video and navigate to another app, the audio will continue to play in the background. Navigating back to the video will pick up wherever you’re at in the song without interruption. 

PS5 players interested in using Apple Music can download the app today from the Media space. Players must link their Apple Music account before using the service on their console.

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