AMD to detail FSR 2.0 with temporal upscaling at GDC 2022

The first look at AMD's next leap in image upscaling technology is right around the corner.

Screengrab via AMD

AMD was rumored to be revealing FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 during its GDC 2022 session on March 17. Now, it looks like those rumors are set in stone with leaked slides from the presentation detailing FSR 2.0 with temporal upscaling.

Based on leaked slides obtained by VideoCardz, it appears that AMD will be sharing more information regarding the next generation of its proprietary image upscaling technology. In a features breakdown, FSR 2.0 is listed as delivering better than or similar native image quality with the help of temporal data and hosts optimized anti-aliasing. Additionally, FSR 2.0 will not rely on dedicated machine learning like Nvidia’s image upscaling competitor, DLSS 2.0.

Image via VideoCardz/AMD

Many features and upgrades are listed in the leaked image, but there are a few key points of interest, mainly that the use of temporal data will align FSR 2.0 with DLSS 2.0. This point of commonality between the two image upscaling technologies is especially intriguing considering the wide gap in image quality between FSR and DLSS in games like God of War.

Image via VideoCardz/AMD

Above is a leaked example of FSR 2.0 performance in Deathloop found by VideoCardz. It’s a small bit of information, but there will likely be more performance details shown at the GDC 2022 session.

The original FSR was an open-source technology, but the slides that have made it to the public do not appear to provide any information on if AMD is following suit with FSR 2.0. Likewise, there is no list of compatible GPUs at this time. The only compatibility information provided is that AMD FSR 2.0 will support a “wide range of products and platforms, both AMD and competitors”.

During the presentation, information on FSR 2.0 may also be accompanied by the release of Radeon Super Resolution tech, an in-driver version of FSR for games that don’t natively support the image upscaling tech. AMD revealed Radeon Super Resolution in January but there has been no set launch date.

GDC 2022 runs from March 21 through March 25. AMD’s Sponsored Sessions kick off March 23 at 11am CT.