AMD introduces new Ryzen XT processors set to release on July 7

AMD is making some slight improvements to older chips.

Screengrab via AMD

AMD is improving on its 3000-series X processors with a new XT version of three different models that will all cost about the same as the original versions. 

While it might not be as exciting as seeing the power of the Ryzen 4000 series that many speculated would be shown off this summer, the new SKUs look promising. 

The three new Ryzen XT models are the 3600XT, 3800XT, and 3900XT, which will all run significantly better than their X counterparts. The 3600XT and 3900XT will get a 100MHz boost, while the 3800XT will run a full 200MHz ahead of the 3800X.

The newer models won’t be as powerful as new chip sets that will be released later this year, but they’ll have a significant performance boost over the older X versions. AMD said there’s a four-percent increase in single-threaded performance compared to the older models, which isn’t much but still an improvement. 

All three of the improved XT chips will be priced at the same number as their counterparts. The 3600XT will be $249, the 3800XT will run you $399, and you can pick up a 3900XT for $499. 

All three new processors are launching on July 7, exactly a year after the original 3000 series processors were released. This also means that deals on the X models will likely be popping up over the next few months.

More information about the Ryzen 4000 series chips and other new products from AMD should be revealed later this year. But for now, fans can enjoy the slight boost in performance for some solid chip sets.