Amazon warns it may not deliver Xbox Series X pre-orders at launch

You might want to check your shipping info.

Image via Microsoft

Much like with its previous statement on PlayStation 5 pre-orders potentially being delayed due to “high demand,” Amazon has now issued a similar warning for the Xbox Series X. 

According to an email sent out by Amazon Customer Service, anyone who got a pre-order in for the Series X might not be seeing their new console until after it officially launches on Nov. 10. 

Screengrba via Reddit

Again, that doesn’t mean your order is going to be canceled, it just indicates that because so many people have placed pre-orders for the console, some buyers might experience a slight delay in getting their hardware. Amazon has dealt with these issues in the past and is known for delayed deliveries on highly-sought-after products, especially when it comes to games and tech. 

As of now, this only applies to the Series X model, but Series S pre-orders might get a similar warning soon depending on what Amazon projects for its day-one launch stock for the next-gen consoles. The company is working with Microsoft to make sure it gets more consoles in to try and avoid delays, but sending an early warning is still a good call. 

For anyone truly worried about a slight delay to their console being shipped, you should make sure to frequently check your order tracking information on Amazon to see if it updates and displays a date after Nov. 10. 

If so, you can cancel your pre-order and try to find another faster option that will get you a new Xbox at launch. Local stores will be your best bet because you can just go pick it up when the console releases and not worry about shipping at all.