Amazon: Some Xbox Series X pre-orders could arrive as late as Dec. 31

Earlier warnings have come to fruition because of mass demand for next-gen hardware.

Image via Microsoft

If you were worried about potentially having your Amazon pre-order for a next-gen Xbox, either Series X or Series S, being delayed, you should probably check your email for an update.

According to multiple customers on social media, Amazon has begun to delay certain orders on the Xbox Series X, saying their arrival could be pushed back as far back as Dec. 31. 

These emails specifically say Amazon will be receiving more inventory for the more powerful version of Microsoft’s newest console through the end of November and December and estimate the latest delivery date for any Series X pre-order being Dec. 31. That is the only estimate the company has given thus far, though they do say most orders will likely arrive before then. 

This was not unexpected as most online retailers sent out emails similar to this in September and October, warning that the massive number of pre-orders could cause some backlog in shipments. Amazon specifically sent out warnings for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders in September, each warning of this exact scenario. 

Unfortunately, this likely means that hundreds of games will be waiting at least a few extra weeks beyond tomorrow’s Xbox Series X and S launch to get their next-gen boxes. Some local stores will have limited stock for Series X and PS5 available when they launch on Nov. 10 and 12, respectively, but you will need to check on a case-by-case basis.