Amazon: PS5 pre-orders may arrive late due to “high demand”

You should check your order status to be sure.

Screengrab via Sony

Early adopters of the PlayStation 5 should be wary of their pre-orders being canceled across the board, but especially if they managed to grab a console from Amazon. 

The massive online retailer has sent out warning emails to buyers, telling them that their pre-ordered hardware might not show up on launch day due to “high demand.” 

Screengrab via Wario64

That doesn’t mean your order is going to be canceled, but it does show that if your order is successful, you might be left waiting a few days for the console to actually arrive. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise for buyers used to Amazon’s practices, as the company is known for delayed deliveries on highly-sought-after products, especially when it comes to games and tech. 

The email advises anyone who did manage to secure a PS5 pre-order through Amazon to check their tracking information through the website. 

Buyers should take the same precaution with any online pre-order, as other websites have also been canceling pre-orders for various reasons. Amazon’s email likely means that they don’t know how many launch-day units will actually be available for shipping, despite Sony’s decision to provide more PS5s at launch than it did with the PS4, and just want customers to know about potential delays ahead of time. 

If you are worried about not receiving your console on time, you should probably call around to any local stores and see if they have pre-orders still available. This will be your best bet at getting a PS5 when it launches on Nov. 12 since you can go pick it up yourself instead of relying on shipping.