Acer’s $9K gaming laptop has a curved screen

If you're willing to carry around nearly 20 pounds of computer, this is an incredible gaming laptop.

Image via Acer

You’ll be able to wrap Acer’s massive new gaming laptop in your arms come February—if you’ve got a cool $9,000 to spend, the company announced at CES in Las Vegas this week.

Acer’s Predator 21 X has a 21-inch curved screen and is packed with high-performance hardware—dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, Intel Core i7-7820HK processor, 64GB DDR4-2400 memory, up to four 512GB solid state drives, and a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive. So what does all that mean? Basically, this laptop is really fast and really powerful. To keep everything running smoothly—and to keep this laptop from bursting into flames—the Predator 21 X needs five system fans and nine heat pipes, which is two fans more than Acer’s next product down, the Predator 17 X laptop.

Oh, and there’s a full mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches—its springy keys are perfect for accurately hitting those targets in esports—as well as a precision touchpad that flips over to reveal a numeric keyboard. Somewhere among all that hardware, Acer also included four speakers and two subwoofers. Yes, it’s massive—and very heavy, weighing in at 17 pounds according to tech product review site Cnet.

The laptop, which is currently on display at CES in Las Vegas, rivals any custom PC rig—but its “portability” will cost you thousands of dollars more. Eye tracking technology from Tobii and a facial recognition system is a bonus, but is it worth $9K? That’s your call.

You’ve got one month to start filling your piggy bank, because the Acer Predator 21 X will start shipping in North America next month.