A PlayStation 5 feature might allow players to load specific parts of a game

Get ready to jump straight into the action.

Image via PlayStation

PlayStation 5 players will reportedly be able to launch a specific game mode or level from their home screen. The new feature, reportedly called Playstation 5 Activities, will allow players to launch specific parts of a game without having to load the game first. 

The feature was mentioned in a since-deleted GameRactor Spain article, which featured a conversation with WRC 9 director Alain Jarniou and product manager Sebastien Waxin. The article discussed various features coming to next-generation consoles, such as the PS5 Activities feature. 

The feature will reportedly allow players to access specific races in WRC 9 without loading the full game. The Activities feature will likely be available in other titles to allow players to launch certain levels, game modes, or activities with ease using “instant deep links” connected to specific parts of a game. 

Some games have allowed players to launch a specific part of the game upon startup, but this new option will let players jump into the action immediately. It’s unclear how specific the Activities UI will be, but it’ll likely be a staple in each next-generation title.  

Sony hasn’t officially revealed this feature yet, which is likely why the article was removed. The Activities feature has been hinted at by Sony in the past and will likely be revealed in the near future. 

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch during the 2020 holiday season.