A new PS5 patent suggests the next-gen controller will automatically identify users

Signing in to a profile will be seamless.

Image via Sony

A newly approved PS5 patent might indicate that the next-gen controllers will be able to identify specific users based on how they hold the controller. 

The feature will allow PS5 players to be automatically signed into their accounts without manually selecting it, according to a report from SegmentNext. When a player signs in to their account on a different PS5, they’re prompted to enter their password. This doesn’t always occur in a private setting, which does create a risk to their account and private information. 

The controller’s ability to immediately identify a player based on the way they hold or use the controller would negate this process and add an extra layer of security. The controller will reportedly identify unique players by using sensors around the controller and track information, such as the position, orientation, and movement of the controller. If the system finds a matching profile based on this information, a prompt will appear with the player’s profile. 

This new feature might work alongside other elements of the PS5 to identify users without a manual sign in. The next-gen PS5 camera will be able to identify and track multiple users in a room and automatically sign them into their profiles based on eye-tracking and image processing. The new controller feature will function similarly, but based on data gathered by the controller itself. 

The approved patent doesn’t guarantee the feature will appear on the PS5 controller, but it does indicate Sony at least has the idea on its radar.