Best L-shaped gaming desks

Level up your desk space with an L-shaped desk.

Photo by Jordan Hyde from Pexels

Gaming setups continue to expand. More gamers make use of two, three, or even four monitors. Those with low mouse sensitivity need extra space for those impressive flick shots, while others need an elevated space for the PC’s massive tower. With all the demand for space, L-shaped desks are increasing in popularity among gamers.

At first glance, L-shaped desks are basically two desks screwed together to make one giant home office space. Usually utilized by work-at-home types, they are a great space-maximizing option for anyone that spends a lot of time at a computer. There are different shapes and designs. Many add storage and shelves to one side of the desk, limiting some of the space for monitors. 

A common design is an elevated shelf for monitors to save desk space and encourage better posture while at the computer. Many of the models we found have this feature.

If there’s a downside to L-shaped desks, it’s the size. They take up a lot of space and can be cumbersome to assemble or move around. Let’s check on the best L-shaped gaming desks on the market.

Coleshome L-shaped corner desk

image via Coleshome on Amazon

Coleshome’s L-shaped desk is a standard workstation that appeals to gamers thanks to its sleek appearance. Unlike many desks, where both arms are the same length, the Coleshome desk has one very long arm and one shorter one. The longer arm could be well suited for multiple monitors, consoles, and more. At the same time, the length may be a hindrance to others. The extra space needed to place the desk may not appeal to everyone. 

The Coleshome has solid metal legs with crossbeams for extra stability and strength. The top of the desk is made from “engineered wood” giving it a strong surface for any gamer. 

Bestier L-shaped home office computer desk

image via Bestier on Amazon

The Bestier L-shaped desk was designed for gamers. It has two elevation options. One arm of the desk is the average height, while another offers an elevated platform. While it’s not required to place a monitor on that section, elevated monitors help improve posture and relieve the back pain associated with it. The Bestier desk comes with an RGB LED light strip, a cupholder that can be installed on one side, and a headphone holder on the other. 

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

The Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk has a polished style and could be ideal for gamers looking for a large modern desk. The L-shaped design helps to save space while providing a large working area. It provides enough space to put at least three monitors on it. Also, there is an extra stand for a smaller monitor, laptop, or any other gaming stuff. Moreover, you can order this desk in five different colors to match it with your office or room decoration.



The Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped desk has artistically combined wood with carbon fiber textured. And the result is a stylish and elegant gaming desk that offers beauty, quality, and space simultaneously. The desk has an integrated cable management system to prevent sloppiness in the area. You will also find a large quality mouse pad in the box as a gift.

Bush Furniture Somerset three position L shaped desk

image via Bush Furniture on Amazon

The most expensive but also the most versatile of the list is the Somerset desk. It offers three positions for monitor heights, including standing. A standing desk is a great opportunity to combat the health issues from long gaming sessions and sitting all day. We also like the options for drawers and shelving. 

It comes in multiple colors. This one may not appeal to everyone, as it isn’t marketed as a gamer desk and resembles the typical home office desk, but the versatility is what makes it so good. 

Terraces Reversible L-shaped desk

image via Terraces on Amazon

Terraces has a reversible l-shaped desk. The “reversible” part is both great and underwhelming. It means the corner piece can go on either side of the desk. While this probably isn’t what potential buyers had in mind at first glance, it is a useful feature for those with a specific space and layout in mind. The adaptability allows this desk to be placed anywhere in the room, not limiting it based on the corner location or wall length. 

The Terraces desk has two options: small and large. The different sizes have different prices and offer different colors. The large option is 66 inches long and 47 inches wide, while the smaller is 58 inches long and 44 inches wide. The small is made of composite or engineered wood and comes in teak or walnut colors. The large comes in boak, teak, walnut, or a black and gold marbled pattern. The desk includes a CPU stand that slides underneath the desk. 

WeeHome Reversible L-shaped desk

image via WeeHome on Amazon

The WeeHome reversible L-shaped desk is similar to the Terraces brand above. The parts can be assembled based on the users needs and it comes with a CPU stand for under-desk storage. The WeeHome desk also adds a couple shelves for extra space, for consoles or controllers or other items necessary for your personal set up. The WeeHome desk comes in three colors, all made of the same metal frame and particle board: black oak, dark teak, oak, and walnut and white metal.

Ivinta L-shaped corner desk 

image via Ivinta on Amazon

The final featured desk is the Ivinta L-shaped desk. Compared to others on the list, it is very blocky with harsh lines. We appreciate the elevated portion to help with posture or just add some extra storage space. Unlike others listed, this is not a reversible desk and the sides are fixed. They cannot be switched. The desk is made of particle wood for the surface and metal for the supporting legs. It is bigger than the picture lets on, with the longer side measuring 63 inches in length. It doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but saves some money in the process. 

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